Pin-ups with instruments: Picks of the Glitter.

This week’s picks for the best in local burlesque go to an
individual series and two amazing photographic collaborations, both of which involve one of our favorite Seattle performers currently making a name for herself at festivals throughout the country: Sailor St. Claire.

Tuesday Tease: Winter Series 2014. Photo by POC, Poster design by Marcus Gorman

Tuesday Tease: Winter Series 2014. Photo by POC, Poster design by Marcus Gorman

A retro image of a beautiful lady against a bold background with not a stitch on but an instrument? Such things never go out of style. POC told me about the shoot for Tuesday Tease:
“Sailor contacted me in the beginning of December to shoot a series of four photos to be used for posters for the Tuesday
shows. It was pretty much her vision – she borrowed some instruments from Pervana, the band that plays at the Tuesday Tease shows. As far as the shoot, we just matched her outfits with the best background color. For the first installment here, since Sailor clearly had no clothes to match, we thought the guitar would match best with the green.”

“I wanted to re-brand the show in 2014 so we could make the marketing have a distinctive look,” Sailor explained. “Our original posters were really awesome, but that band member had long since departed and we could never quite recapture the look of the Tyson Lynn posters (which were amazing). I was tired of stealing art from the internet and putting text around it. So I wanted to make sure that Tuesday Tease had its own look that communicated it was a burlesque show with live music – and that look was going to be mid-century album covers, aka pinups with instruments. I borrowed instruments from my band members, and met up with Paul to shoot the series one afternoon. I’m super pleased with the results, and you’ll see different posters featuring different instruments throughout the year.”

The next collaboration between photographer and muse we’re currently obsessing on is this:

Sailor St. Claire: large print edition. (Meneldor Photography)

Sailor St. Claire: large print edition. (Meneldor Photography)

The ‘Book’ series was actually Rick’s idea!” Sailor says of this bookended, double-Sailor image. [Rick of Meneldor Photography, who we recently featured in collection of photos HERE]. “I had set up a shoot with him and The Seraphina that I wanted to have a vintage boudoir feel (hence the photos in my grandmother’s furs). Rick emailed me one day and told me about the books in front of the Everett Library and suggested we shoot there. The minute I saw them I wanted to shoot with them. Rick’s eye for location helped me land on my new branding image – the best kind of happy accident.”

Catch Sailor at the next Tuesday Tease January 21.
Tuesday Tease is Seattle’s only monthly burlesque revue with live musical accompaniment. For more information, click HERE.


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