One to watch: Meneldor Photography.


The visually striking images of Meneldor Photography have been popping up all over the place recently.  Rick Priest has been hard at work, quietly building up a formidable portfolio that moves between subjects quite comfortably- burlesquers, dancers, actors and beyond.  The images are vivid, lush…each one capturing a moment of stillness so exquisite that it feels as though your eyes are drinking in a painting, rather than a photograph.

“As far as my photographic vision and focus, I tend towards the darker and moodier for sure.  I strive to make each photo that I work on its own individual piece of art,”  Rick explained. Though he has only been taking photos in a serious way since February 2013, with every shoot he is pushing himself to be better and continue to learn.  He credits fellow photographer (and Burlesque Seattle Press co-conspirator) Paul O’Connell as an inspiration, as well as many familiar faces from the Seattle burlesque community.

“As far as performers that move me the ones that come to mind are Seraphina Fiero (of course FIERCE and SEXY. She isn’t afraid to ‘go there’ with her art), Iva Handfull (the first performer that I saw perform on stage and I can never get enough of her sneer and the mohawk. Her energy is amazing, and she’s one of the most driven and nicest people that I have met), Bolt Action (his versatility and stage presence is amazing), Bella Bijoux (LOVE HER. She brings the slow and sexy like no other), Tootsie Spangles (brings the drama to the stage and her acts always tell a story. Her facial expressions make her a pleasure to shoot), and the gentlemen of Mod Carousel (they always amaze me on and off stage. Their attention to their craft is inspiring). Also, I love the Screws and Paul. They have all been very supportive of my photography.”

Currently, Rick is concentrating on event and studio work, and you may well bump into him at shows around town.  You’ll definitely know Meneldor’s photos when you see them.

For this posting, Rick selected a handful of his favorite shots (all are credited below):









Credits, from top of page:

Violet Tendencies, Founder of Stripped Screw Burlesque

Seraphina Fiero, performance shot of her “Demoness” act

Sailor St. Claire “Vintage Goddess” (MakeUp Artist Seraphina Fiero)

Arlene Kosters, in her first ever photo shoot (MakeUp Artist Seraphina Fiero)

Mike Hope, Actor

Seraphina Fiero and Violet Tendencies from the Stripped Screw ‘Vintage Slip’ photo shoot

Seraphina Fiero “Death of Summer”

Mushroom, shot at the Everett Arboretum

Seraphina Fiero


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