What’s F*cked Up?

It's time for round three.

– by Madeline Rider (Contributing Writer, Seattle)

Unfortunately, I have not yet had the privilege of attending the previous incarnations of Heidi Von Haught and Randi Rascal’s infamous production That’s Fucked Up. Lucky for me, the third installment of the notoriously deviant variety show runs this Friday through Sunday at ReBar, “the only venue unscrupulous enough to host such an orgy of grotesquerie!” As fellow Burlesque Press Seattle cohort and editor Jessica Price notes in her previous posts on the TFU legacy (see here, here, and here), the producers have chosen to evolve their strategy regarding act submission and curation. As opposed to handpicking previously known and seen acts, this time around we saw Facebook posts requesting a two part audition including both a written submission and a physical conceptualization of the final piece. In a community where “change” and “evolution” of the art form seems to be on the tips of everyone’s tongues, this open-minded approach to the curation process is indicative of not only the boundary pushing promised within the show itself, but of revolution in Seattle burlesque production.

When I sat down with Heidi and Randi, as well as TFU performer Wiggy Stardust, in August of last year to talk with the trio about reProduction: A Burlesque Benefit for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, I was given a clear look into the personal motivations behind the politically-charged producers. Each individual’s experience contributed to the commentary made within their pieces. Often silly and occasionally dark, as producers and performers Heidi and Randi take the little nagging voices inside of them- the same ones we are probably all familiar with- that recognize the urgent need for change, and materialize them into a splendid display of hilariously uncomfortable yet none-the-less palatable critical thinking and performance. While all this serious commentary is happening, they still manage to bring a certain levity that rounds out an immensely entertaining show.

With what seems like impeccable timing, this Friday’s opening of That’s Fucked Up 3– a show whose producers claim “discomfort leads to growth”- comes on the tail-end of a shocking post on Seattle’s own Sydni Deveraux’s Q&A column Stripper Talk on her blog Living in a Glitter Wonderland. After fielding a rather ignorant (and insulting) question quite tactfully, Ms. Deveraux’s comment thread exploded with conversation and discussion regarding political correctness, cultural boundaries, and addressing intentionality and motivation behind politically charged satire within burlesque and performance art. A purposefully controversial show such as TFU3 serves as a vehicle for a similar conversation and as I have much faith in the brains of producers Heidi Von Haught and Randi Rascal, as well as the performers listed on their bill, I look forward to my first experience with what’s fucked up.

At 7:00pm on February 10, 11, and 12th at ReBar, That’s Fucked Up 3 is hosted by Armitage Shanks and features Waxie Moon, Sabrina Chap, The Luminous Pariah, Jackie Hell, Tata Hari, Oakland’s Juciy D. Light, Wiggy Stardust, Flirty Sanchez, Paris and Trojan Orignal, Bella Bijoux and Jenny Penny. Tickets are 21+, available at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/222279. ReBar is located at 1114 Howell Street, Seattle WA 98102.

Read more from Sydni Deveraux’s Living in a Glitter Wonderland at http://thegoldenglamazon.wordpress.com/.

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