Stay Sick

“Two nights of unctuous depravity to fellate your jaded soul!”- taken from press materials by Heidi Von Haught and Randi Rascal Present: THAT’S F*CKED UP!

“You’ll want to arrive early because front row seating is a must for this show. But make sure to wear clothing you don’t mind getting stained, because blood will be flying!”- taken from press materials by Gorelesque Girls for SLICE, SLICE, BABY!

The creative writing alone is enough to pique my interest in this week’s Seattle burlesque shows. Maybe it’s fall hanging in the air- but I’ve decided to listen to only The Cramps, admit that I was a black-wearing teenage ghoul that grew into a neutral-tones wearing adult, and get ready to take in some nonconformist burlesque. As it happens, there are two ways to do it this week:

Stripped Screw’s Randi Rascal has teamed up with Heidi Von Haught to present an entire showcase of unusual acts September 15-16 at Theatre Off Jackson’s Upstairs Gallery, bluntly titled THAT’S F*CKED UP! Drawn to the more innovative and boundary-pushing conceptual work that’s being done in burlesque, the pair wanted to showcase acts and performers that are challenging for audiences. Social taboos, political commentary, cultural appropriation- according to Randi, nothing is sacred. “We’re not featuring shock value for its own sake,” she points out. “Each act was handpicked because of its message and the radical way that message is being communicated. VoilĂ ! Performance art!”
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Gorelesque Girls are a newish revue, billing themselves as Seattle’s premiere “gorelesque troupe”. I’ve never seen them, but photos give the impression they’re girls that aren’t afraid to get dirty. SLICE, SLICE, BABY! (tonight at Rebar) couples an 80s theme with blood, guts, and rock n’ roll. You can also catch red-headed Gigi De Gore Sunday, September 19 at Can Can, and the rest of the troupe October 6 at High Dive’s Skinny Dip.

A bloody mess: a couple of Gorelesque Girls

Gorelesque Girls

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