Pick of the Glitter: Relentless.

he baddest of the bad: the ladies of IvaFiero Productions

The baddest of the bad: the ladies of IvaFiero Productions

IvaFiero Productions brings two of burlesque’s most untamed hearts together for shows of a slightly different palate than our already wide world of Seattle burlesque.  “Relentless” is the adjective that many have used to describe the individual performance styles of Iva Handfull and Seraphina Fiero; Relentless is the name they’ve chosen for the annual showcase of some of their favorite performers.  Anyone who has seen Seraphina or Iva on stage will know that high-octane musicality is high on their priority list. It’s hard not to notice that these women are positively vibrating with energy when given the chance to strip to some of their favorite songs.  Nine Inch Nails-inspired burlesque? Hell yes.  (That show is coming in January 2015).

Back in 2012, the newly christened IvaFiero Productions launched with Glitter Friday, a Burlesque Hall of Fame fundraiser highlighting fashion designers from the burlesque community (costumes, day wear, fetishwear, accessories…you name it).  The following year the first Relentless arrived, featuring Seattle’s Rainbow & Jonny Boy from the Can Can Castaways and Lady Jack from Chicago. Next up was 2014’s Better Off Nude, a burlesque tribute to ’80s flicks.

“Every act in Relentless oozes individuality, the love of the artform, and epicness in the eyes of the performer (yep, I said epic),” Iva explained to me this week while getting that trademark platinum hair coiffed.  “We aim to make the audience hold their breath during our acts, scoot to the edge of their chair, and be inspired to attack the art they love. It allows us to highlight other Seattle area performers who we think are also relentless in their performances, as well as invite an out-of town relentless guest performer to introduce our Seattle audience to.”

Attacking the art they love? Words to burlesque by…and voraciously, in BSP’s humble opinion.

Relentless 2014 brings together Bolt Action, Tootsie Spangles, Flirty Sanchez, Iva, Seraphina, and 2013 King of Burlesque Ray Gunn (Chicago).  I asked Iva how they met Ray:  “Where do we begin?  We start by saying that Seraphina Fiero has the hugest crush on Ray, to the point where it’s hard for her to speak with, stand next to, or act normal around.  She literally has to change her panties every time she talks to him. Ray hails from Chicago (seems like Chicago is hoarding all the relentless performers) and is one-third of the award-winning Stage Door Johnnies,” she explained.  Since meeting Ray in 2010 at the 1st Annual Windy City Burlesque Festival, Iva has performed with him on numerous other stages around the country.  “I love that Ray hits beats you didn’t know were there and then creates his own waves when there’s no beat there.  He slithers, creeps, and flexes each muscle individually,  oozes sexuality, and makes audiences lose their minds.”

Ray will be debuting a new act for this show, as well as his fabulous step-down number for BHoF as well as one other number that Iva herself deems “perfectly relentless.”


Relentless runs July 26-27 at Theatre Off Jackson. For tickets and more info, click HERE and HERE.

Ray Gunn

Ray Gunn

Bolt Action

Bolt Action

Tootsie Spangles

Tootsie Spangles

Flirty Sanchez

Flirty Sanchez

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