Undressed To Kill returns July 11-12.

A sneak peek from Stripped Screw's recent shoot with Meneldor Photography

A sneak peek from Stripped Screw’s recent shoot with Meneldor Photography

Violet Tendencies and her sisters-in-crime Stripped Screw Burlesque seem to get exponentially busier every year. At home they’ve boasted a hardcore following for quite a few years now; recently though, Stripped Screw has been growing their national presence through blood, sweat, and a whole lot of pastie glue. You might have spotted them poolside at the Burlesque Hall Of Fame Weekender looking hot and menacing (always a winning combo) at the “Screw’d Cabana”, rocking itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-shiny-matching-black-bikinis…or you might have seen Violet’s “Raven” act as she threw down with the best of the best in the prestigious “Movers, Shakers, & Innovators” show on BHOF kickoff night.

Of that performance, Violet told me recently, “The most important thing I can say is that it was such an intense honor to perform for a house full of my peers and idols. It was great fun to be able to bring an act that I am passionate about and that feels so outside of the usual competitive ilk and I was thrilled to see some amazingly innovative acts on stage in the competition (hello Aurora Galore, Lisa Fa’alafi and reigning Queen Midnite Martini!!!)”

If you didn’t go to Vegas this summer for the annual Weekender, there’s always this weekend here in Seattle to make amends. Catch the gang of bad, bad girls that is Stripped Screw Burlesque as they remount the murder mystery Undressed To Kill at the Columbia City Theater July 11 and 12.  Bravado and badassery have always ranked high among their charms- crystallized perfectly by the amusingly direct teasers they’ve posted recently concerning the upcoming show:

“Need a little sex and violence in your life? The Screws’ murder mystery is back and it’s better than ever…

or how about…

“It looks like someone has come to the end of their rope! But is Seraphina Fiero in a bind or did another Screw fall victim to the dangerous joys of jute? Find out July 11 and 12 at Columbia City Theater as we present Undressed to Kill

We couldn’t possibly have come up with a more intriguing set of teasers.

Undressed To Kill is Violet’s personal favorite among their rotating repertoire. With a storyline not as rigid as their annual monster-hit Disney After Dark, the refined set of acts making up Undressed plays to the ladies’ natural proclivities in a way you might not have seen before. Get tickets HERE. And don’t forget to check out the profile we posted on Violet pre-BHOF, over HERE.

Kutie LaBootie (Meneldor Photography)

Kutie LaBootie (Meneldor Photography)


Stella D'Letto (Meneldor Photography)

Stella D’Letto (Meneldor Photography)


Violet Tendencies (Meneldor Photography)

Violet Tendencies (Meneldor Photography)


Lady Drew Blood (Meneldor Photography)

Lady Drew Blood (Meneldor Photography)


Seraphina Fiero (Meneldor Photography)

Seraphina Fiero (Meneldor Photography)



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