Kitten N’ Lou: July’s City Arts cover stars.

July 2014 City Arts

Seattle’s Pride weekend was marked by more than a few surreal occurrences: Cher emerged from a Trojan Horse over at Key Arena, Mama Tits fiercely faced off with religious protestors near the start of the parade (resulting in this awesome photoscroll down, you’ll know the one), and Kitten N’ Lou popped up on the cover of City Arts. And that’s only the beginning…photos are still rolling in online.

The City Arts piece on Kitten N’ Lou was written prior to their “Most Comedic” title win in Vegas at the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s “Tournament of Tease” and also shy of their performance at World Pride Toronto and the closing of Lou’s There Once Was A Man.  Grab a copy of City Arts over at Pretty Parlor or on most street corners downtown, or you can read online HERE. The article touches on the formation of The Atomic Bombshells, how that n’ came to be in the first place, and sheds some light on how Lou went from in-demand dance teacher to feature performer in the worldwide burlesque/boylesque community.

Catch Kitten N’ Lou and BFF BenDeLaCreme (hot off his star turn on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, in case you haven’t heard) this week at The Triple Door – July 2 & 3 to be exact – for Freedom Fantasia. For tickets and more information click HERE.

(Psst…for photos of the BurlyCon brigade marching at Seattle Pride taken by BSP’s very own POC, click HERE!)


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