Closing time Picks of the Glitter: Get ’em before they’re gone…

Tory Tiara in Wake the Night: this late night series closes June 28

Tory Tiara in Wake the Night: this late night series closes June 28

Yeah, we know…you’ve been outside basking in Solstice celebration sun, oogling the naked bike riders and planning what to wear (or what not to wear at all) to Pride.

Here’s our picks for Thursday through Saturday night shows- all last calls before their final curtain:

Wake The Night @ Teatro ZinZanni, closes Saturday June 28 10:30pm.

Tory Peil, who some may know as Tory Tiara (Spectrum Dance Theatre, Whim W’Him, Lily Verlaine & Jasper McCann Presents), and Eric Esteb (Let’s Hear It For The Boys at Teatro ZinZanni, Spamalot at 5th Avenue) have been performing in Teatro ZinZanni’s late night series Wake the Night throughout May and June.  The interactive dance party mixing burlesque, cirque, and general late night hedonism closes this Saturday June 28.  Tory explained a little about her background and how burlesque and clubbing bump up against each other in Wake The Night:

“I’m a classically trained ballerina so the world of contemporary dance and burlesque seemed entirely out of the realm of possibility just five years ago. I previously danced with Spectrum Dance Theater and now am a full time company member of Whim W’him, Olivier Wever’s company. I was lucky to be taken under the wing of some of the great performers in this town like Lily Verlaine and Jonny Boy of the Can Can. [They] saw my love of acting and vamping, and encouraged me to mix it with my heavily technical background. The mix has been an incredible joy — dancing in a not so serious way while making an audience laugh is really rewarding. I’m drawn to the incredible amount of creativity the burlesque and nightclub scene bring to the stage. There are no rules in that world, which is really exhilarating. I’m really inspired by being pushed physically and creatively.”

Wake the Night is the perfect meld of Seattle’s incredible theatre scene and a night at a dance club. Being surrounded by performers who are just enjoying the music along side you and ready to throw down a surprise at any moment is something Seattle doesn’t offer anywhere else. It’s a sexy, exciting night for someone of any adult age…You’ll find us throwing down on go-go platforms, giving you some Bollywood parades and even having a bull fight pas de deux. It’s a crazy mix of anything and everything throughout the night.”

For information and tickets to Wake the Night, click HERE.

Eric Esteb (Let's Hear It For The Boys at Teatro ZinZanni, Spamalot at 5th Avenue) in Wake The Night

Eric Esteb (Let’s Hear It For The Boys at Teatro ZinZanni, Spamalot at 5th Avenue) in Wake The Night


The Heavenly Spies in The Kitty Cat Club @ Can Can, closes Friday June 27 9:30pm.

The Heavenly Spies have been one of BSP’s favorites since the days of our itsy-bitsy column in The Stranger. These ladies have been twirling and twerking in various high-kicking combinations for over 10 years and we hope they’ll never, ever, EVER stop. Don’t miss the final show of their latest masterpiece evocative of a Parisian nightclub, The Kitty Cat Club. Seating begins at 9pm; show starts 9:30. Get tickets HERE.

Kitty Cat Club

Kitty Cat Club closes June 27


Sinner Saint Burlesque in Very Special Feelings @ Rebar, one night only Thursday June 26 7pm.

From the desk of Sinner Saint Burlesque…

“What if your angsty youth could have its own private dancer? The Very Special Feelings Show is BACK! Sinner Saint’s signature fundraiser is styled after the Salon Of Shame, in which we invite our BurlyQ besties to come read their old stories, diaries, and journal entries – but we add a cabaret twist. Each poignant, embarrassing, hilarious, and very revealing reader is accompanied by an improvised burlesque routine – they don’t know what will be read until they hit the stage. It’s experimental strip tease art full of strange and very personal moments.”

Featuring Sinner Saint Burlesque and special guests Adra Boo, Billy Scream, EmpeROAR Fabulous, Heidi Van Haught, Paul Phillion, Randi Rascal, Sailor St. Claire, and Trojan Original.

“This year’s Very Special Feelings Show is the kick-off for a fundraising and marketing campaign to support, “Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone: Maiden, Mother, Crone”, a theatrical work coming October 2014, produced in association with Theatre Off Jackson. The show’s aim is to examine the archetypes, roles, stereotypes, passions, joys, and successes of the cycles of women’s lives.”

Get tickets HERE.

One night only! Thursday June 26

One night only! Thursday June 26



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