Poetry in Motion – Vegas Style! Paris Original Returns to BHoF.

Seattle's beloved Paris Original (Photo by Eli Schmidt)

Seattle’s beloved Paris Original (Photo by Eli Schmidt)

~ by Crystal Tassels, BSP Contributing Writer

Of the many gifts that Seattle burlesque has bestowed upon the world, the outstanding talents of the brothers Original might be some of the most enthralling. Twin brothers Paris and Trojan are both exceptional dancers and jaw-dropping teasers, yet each maintains his own truly unique style and character. This year, the brothers are both competing for the title of “Best Boylesque,” along with Seattle’s Eddie Van Glam and New York’s Mr. Gorgeous in the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender’s 24th Annual Tournament of Tease. To the lucky ladies and gentlemen who will witness the boylesque competition at the Orleans Hotel in June: bring your opera glasses and hold onto your g-strings. These boys are masters of the craft.

Paris Original is no stranger to the Vegas stage. Returning to compete for the title “King of Burlesque” for his second time, the sweet and handsome Paris chatted with BSP about his background and upcoming performance.

BSP: What’s your performance background? How did you get into burlesque?

Paris Original: My performance background began when I was twelve. I started in theater, which quickly got me into musical theater, and eventually into operettas and an opera. It was through my experiences in community theater that I was led to dance, which I began pursuing when I was 18. At first I took all the classes I could, studying tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, and ballet. Once I got into the Evergreen City Ballet when I was 20 my training took on a heavy ballet focus.

I got into burlesque when I met The Luminous Pariah in 2009. One day, he told me Waxie Moon and Paula the Swedish Housewife were holding auditions for House of Thee UnHoly and I asked him if he could get me an audition. He did, and I made the cast. That first experience was truly epic and got me hooked on the art form.

BSP: How do you feel about returning to the BHoF stage? Are you planning on doing things differently this year?

PO: I’m so thrilled and honored to be returning! And it’s so exciting to be part of such a large Seattle contingent as well. I’m so proud of Seattle burlesque! I feel really good about the performance I gave last year, so I’m not really planning on doing things differently per se. Though I will be rehearsing more often before going to Vegas since the act I’m doing this year is one I don’t perform very often so it doesn’t feel as ingrained in my body.

BSP: How are you preparing?

PO:  Firstly, I’m finishing up my costume. Almost done! I’ve been updating it quite a bit to make it better and more functional. Secondly, I had to shorten my act to fit the time constraints so I’m revamping the choreography as well and rehearsing it a bunch. I want to be as familiar with it as possible before I leave so that when I get there I don’t have to stress out about it.

BSP: How does it feel to be competing against your brother?

PO: It’s actually really exciting that we’re both competing! I’m also competing WITH my brother in our trio with Lily Verlaine so it’ll be an interesting night. Ultimately it doesn’t really feel like we’re competing against each other at all. We’re so different as performers, and the acts we’re bringing are completely different, too. I just want us both to do our best.

BSP: If you could offer one pro tip to burgeoning boylesque performers, what would it be?

PO: Consider the audience!


To learn more about Paris, visit his website over HERE, or follow him on Twitter @Paris_Original.


Paris as a mermaid... (Photo by by Charlie Ainslie)

Paris as a mermaid… (Photo by by Charlie Ainslie)

*Swoon*.  Paris naked on a boat...(Rosemary Photography)

*Swoon*. Paris naked on a boat…(Rosemary Photography)


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  1. a gift FROM Seattle TO Vegas WITH love

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