Happy anniversary, Bombshells!


~ Written by Jessica Price

The supertroupe that first put the sparkle in many a future burlesquer’s eye celebrates a milestone anniversary this year-  The Atomic Bombshells have been strutting their stuff for ten dazzling years now.  Kitten LaRue started the Bombshells in 2003 with Fanny N’ Flames, fresh from New Orleans where they’d been members of the legendary Shim Sham Revue (from 2001 to 2003).  New Orleans legends Kitty West and Wild Cherry were brought in to workshop with the Shim Shamettes, sharing the secrets of their bump and grinds, finely nuanced hand gestures, and other tricks of the trade. It was quite an education. “In some ways, this set the stage and really allowed me to dream big for The Bombshells,” Kitten explained when we sat down to talk about her long and winding performance career back in 2011. A now legendary Cinderella story ensued-  Kitten and Fanny managed to talk their way into a performance at The Showbox opening for Dita Von Teese before they had even finalized a cast or show. But they did have a crystal clear vision of a poised and cheeky group of girls that could charm the proverbial pants off a wide audience – The Atomic Bombshells.

Kitten and Fanny quickly connected with the best of the best: Miss Indigo Blue, Honey D. Luxe, Ivy St. Spectre, and the formidable talents of a newcomer soon to make a name for herself as a producer and choreographer as well, Lily Verlaine. Kitten also scooped up the incredible talents of host Jasper McCann, Ruby Mimosa, Inga Ingenue, and today the troupe includes Lou Henry Hoover (the troupe’s first boyshell and Kitten’s real life wife), and glamour girl BenDeLaCreme.  A jaw-dropping all-star cast from end to end.

With each member a vital part of their success, The Atomic Bombshells set the gold standard for over the top glamour and burlesque done the old fashioned way, with plenty of unconventional tricks up their collective sleeves. In the process, the Bombshells have helped to bring burlesque to a wider audience and solidify its place on professional stages such as the Triple Door.

This week, The Atomic Bombshells celebrate ten years with a remounting of their most grandiose spectacle of all, the sci-fi adventure Lost In Space (November 13-16 at the Triple Door).  Here’s a look back at some of the show’s most memorable moments:



Atomic Bombshells - Lost in Space @ Triple Door



Want to see a little more?  Get your tickets NOW.  And don’t forget to wish them a happy, happy anniversary.

November 13th at 7:30pm (17+)
November 14th, 15th, and 16th at 7pm (17+) and 10pm (21+)
The Triple Door
216 Union St., Downtown Seattle

Tickets: $22-$35, priority seating given to advance purchase
www.tripledoor.net or call 206-838-4333

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