Waxie Moon: A “Full Grown Man” makes his way to Vegas.

Waxie Moon in "Bolero" Photo ©Tim Summers

Waxie Moon in “Bolero” Photo ©Tim Summers

~ Written by/interview by Paul O’Connell (POC Photo)

Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend is now less than a week away. Performers from around the world will converge on the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Vegas for four days and nights of nonstop burlesque sexiness, enthralling competition, and pool parties galore.

The highlight is the 23rd Annual Tournament of Tease which crowns winners in a variety of categories – one particularly near and dear to our hearts is “Best of Boylesque”, in which two of the four competitors for the title “King of Boylesque” are from Seattle. This year’s competitors include Paris Original (Seattle), Ray Gunn (Chicago), Mr. Gorgeous (NYC) and of course, the incomparable Waxie Moon (Seattle).

This week Burlesque Seattle Press has been talking with the Seattle performers competing at this year’s BHoF. We’ve already highlighted Paris Original and today we focus on Waxie, the “international gender-blending queer lady boylesque performance-art stripping sensation!”

Waxie has certainly been as busy as any artist or performer can be this past year. Last June he gave an amazing performance at On The Boards with his 17 minute endurance strip, “Boléro”. (Please do this again Waxie). He choreographed “Miracle!” (a re-envisioning of “The Miracle Worker” created and directed by Dan Savage) which had a run at The Intiman Theatre last summer. There was the DVD release of the 2009 documentary “Waxie Moon” and the theatrical release of “Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel” (both films were directed by Wes Hurley). Central Cinema’s monthly interactive screenings of “Waxie Moon In Fallen Jewel” have been hugely successful as well. Waxie also performed in Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann’s Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker and Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland.

Waxie as The Cheshire Cat in Through the Looking Glass (POC Photo)

Waxie as The Cheshire Cat in Through the Looking Glass (POC Photo)

Waxie in Land of the Sweets (POC Photo)

Waxie in Land of the Sweets (POC Photo)

He also found time to appear in last year’s Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Kings: A Boylesque Extravaganza, Boys, Bois, Boyz and most recently the 2nd Annual New York Boylesque Festival. He appears regularly at the Pink Door and performs as one-third of Dance Belt. All this and he continues to teach at Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque. With a year like Waxie’s, inclusion in the “Best Boylesque” category is the luscious cherry on top of a huge, glittery, rhinestoned sundae.

Aside from the long list of Waxie’s accomplishments (we could go on and on), it’s easy to see why he was invited to compete. Waxie’s courageous approach and fiercely unique artistry are hugely influential to anyone that sees him. We wish Waxie and all the performers best of luck at this year’s competition.

And now for our interview… I asked Waxie about this year’s inclusion at BHoF:

POC: What influenced your decision to choose the act you submitted to BHoF?

Waxie Moon: I created the “Purple Man-Eater” act with the idea of submitting it to BHoF this year. I felt the purple gown and gi-normous tulle boa (created by the brilliant Mark Mitchell) was impressive and glamorous enough for the Vegas stage and competition. I think the boa is practically Catherine D’Lish scale. It’s HUGE. I also selected the song for the second part of the act (Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy”) because it felt appropriately representative of the idea of “boylesque”.

POC: Please share your thoughts about performing in the “Best of Boylesque” category. What’s it like competing with a fellow Seattleite?

Waxie: I am beyond thrilled to have been accepted for the competition. I think this is the 5th year I have applied for “Best Boylesque”. For that reason, I can honestly say I’m excited for the opportunity just to compete. I am also excited about my boylesque brothers. I think the crowd and judges will go mad for Paris’s extraordinary dancing. Ray is sultry and an exceptional mover, and Mr. Gorgeous is A.DOR.A.BLE. It’s an inspiring, exciting, and yummy group of men to get to share the stage with.

Waxie Moon (POC)

Waxie Moon (POC)

POC: Do you have any goals you would like to reach in burlesque or any other performing art?

Waxie: I am intent on sharing this extraordinary art form as widely as possible through performance and teaching. Combining sex and humor is an incredibly powerful tool for personal transformation. I would love for more people to experience it, as performers and/or audience members. I am also passionate about queer visibility; Waxie celebrates gay Pride EVERY DAY. Honestly, my goals are too many to mention, but they include everything from feature films to a Waxie jewelry line called “The Essence of Luxury”.

Waxie performing at this year's Moisture Festival (Photo by John Cornicello)

Waxie performing at this year’s Moisture Festival (Photo by John Cornicello)

(Photo by John Cornicello)

(Photo by John Cornicello)

POC: You got involved in burlesque originally because you were struggling (artistically speaking) as a dancer and wanted to shake things up, and you decided to take a 101 class at The Academy of Burlesque. What does this mean to you now, since burlesque has been such an unexpected and wildly successful outlet for your art?

Waxie: I have become a fuller person in every way through the exploration of the art of burlesque. I am honored to be part of an extraordinary legacy and an evolving art form. I can’t wait to connect with my legendary friends in Vegas and am honored to represent Seattle’s vibrant gender-queer burlesque scene at this international festival. Also my father is coming to support me. That means so much to me. He’s Waxie’s biggest fan.

Waxie Moon in a quiet studio moment (POC Photo)

Waxie Moon in a quiet studio moment (POC Photo)

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