Picks of the (g)litter: January 21, 2013 edition.

Friday, January 25

This week’s top pick can be filed under the category “it was only a matter of time”. An Evening at Merlotte’s: Burlesque Inspired by True Blood will take place Friday, January 25 at the Highway 99 Blues Club. One could get a little dizzy pondering the myriad ways the hit show might be re-purposed… the unholy couplings that might transpire… gratuitous sex and supernatural violence involving beautiful trashy people that look perpetually humidified… all we can say is the Highway 99 Blues Club better prepare for some bloodletting, and then some.

An Evening at Merlotte's- January 25. (Photo by Jackie Kingsbury)

An Evening at Merlotte’s- January 25. (Photo by Jackie Kingsbury)

Click HERE for tickets to either the 7pm or 10pm shows, and here’s a little detail straight from the listing: “An Evening at Merlotte’s is an immersive experience involving many of your favorite performers as they encapsulate the normal and not so normal citizens of Louisiana, Mississippi, and beyond!”

Brought to you by Smooches and Science Presents in accordance with Lady Laycock and starring:
Aaron Brown as Tara Thornton
Al Lykya as Jason Stackhouse
Sir Eddie Van Glam as Bill Compton
Jesus la Pinga as the Reverend Steve Newlin
Lady Drew Blood as Pamela Swynford de Beaufort
Lady Laycock as Sookie Stackhouse
Lord Richard Longfellow as Sheriff Andy Bellefleur
The Luminous Pariah as Lafayette Reynolds
Miss Elaine Yes as Lorena Krasiki
Palmer Southern as Eric Northman
Scarlett O’Hairdye as Russell Edgington
Seraphina Fiero as Maryann Forrester
Shubzilla as Shubzilla
Stella D’Letto as Nan Flanagan
Tootsie Spangles as Arlene Bellefleur
Violet Tendencies as Jessica Hamby
Hosted by Vanadium Silver as Sam Merlotte


As for our other, most honorable of mentions of the week- here’s the roundup:

Thursday, January 24

Sinner Saint Burlesque debuts much-anticipated experimental show Long Kiss Goodnight this Thursday at Noc Noc. With this run the troupe intends to take their sweet, sweet time- allowing the audience to luxuriate in a slower form of striptease harkening back to the days when top peelers routinely performed acts which clocked in around 20 minutes. Burlesque in this format had a way of lending an air of intimacy and anticipation to a performance that some argue has been lost in our grab-n-go culture. Will Sinner Saint’s modern twist on a vintage format keep the savages at Noc Noc slack-jawed with rapt attention? You’ll just have to show up and see.

Long Kiss Goodnight guest stars Cherry Manhattan (who we hear wrote the narrative bits as well) and features Sinner Saint’s Jesse Belle-Jones, Polly Wood, Evilyn Sin Claire, Lady Tatas, and Doña Dei Cuori. Sinner Saint Burlesque performs each and every Thursday at the Noc Noc: 1516 2nd Avenue (downtown Seattle between Pike and Pine). Doors 9pm, show 9:30 every Thursday (happy hour ends at 9pm). To reserve seats, email info@sinnersaintburlesque.com

Long Kiss Goodnight opens January 24 (Photo by Danny Boulet of WittyPixel Photography)

Long Kiss Goodnight opens January 24 (Photo by Danny Boulet of WittyPixel Photography)


Saturday, January 26

Catch a double feature with a quick change between early and late burlesque shows:

Return to WinterWood takes place at 6:30pm at Re-bar, and features some stellar performers with a dark side. “The woods are as dangerous as they are beautiful” says the event summary, and we don’t doubt it one bit with otherworldly performers such as La Petite Mort, Olatsa Assin, Tamara the Trapeze Lady, and The Luminous Pariah. For tickets, click HERE.

More the Merrier: An Alumni Spectacular over at West Hall (Oddfellows Building) begins at 9pm, also Saturday night. Daring duets, gargantuan groups, and mouth-watering multiples are the name of the game with this curated bunch of Academy alumni. The show is hosted by Gams Galore and features very special guest star Sydni Deveraux. Get tickets, lineup, and more information by clicking HERE.


Last, we give you a sneak peek/early warning for a March 1 show you won’t want to miss featuring heaps and heaps of silky smooth manflesh- tickets go on sale at noon tomorrow (January 22) for Boys! Bois! Boyz!, which will star very special guest Jett Adore of Chicago’s legendary Stage Door Johnnies.

Jett Adore at BHoF 2011 (POC Photo)

Jett Adore at BHoF 2011 (POC Photo)



Finally, apropos of nothing except my editorial whims… we give a tiny nod to visiting flashy pop-showgirl Lady Gaga, who gave good show at the hideous Tacoma Dome last week. If anyone’s music can make that death trap/tin can venue sound good, it’s Gaga. Plus, she of course had costumes and sets that would make most burlesquers drool. (Meat sofa, anyone? I kept thinking Wiggy Stardust was about to commandeer the stage). Check out these pix, and read my “off topic” review in the current issue of Seattle Gay News if you’re so inclined. Heavy Metal Lover, indeed. Have a great week, everyone.

(Photo courtesy of Livenation & PictureGroup)

Will she bring back bathing cap chic? One can only hope. (Photo courtesy of Livenation & PictureGroup)

(Photo courtesy of Livenation & PictureGroup)

Oh yes, she did. (Photo courtesy of Livenation & PictureGroup)

(Photo courtesy of Livenation & PictureGroup)

The set of the Born This Way Ball (Photo courtesy of Livenation & PictureGroup)

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