Drop and give me 50.


Who says all the fun’s over now that the holidays are growing ever smaller in our collective rear-view mirror?

In case you haven’t noticed, our noble and lovely friend Holli-Mae Johnson over at 21st Century Burlesque has just dropped the first two installments of the annual “Burlesque Top 50” countdown. Thousands of votes were painstakingly tallied since November (the biggest voter turnout so far, according to Holli-Mae’s intro); the resulting top 50 positions give anyone remotely interested in burlesque a pretty spot-on outline of who we as a community love best, which performers turned it out over the past 12 months, whose style is the most influential, and which newcomers are ones to watch in the new year.

Seattle already has a strong showing in the countdown with 4 locals honored so far. Read all about Catherine D’Lish, Sydni Deveraux, Inga Ingénue, and Armitage Shanks over HERE, and check back in the coming days for the rest of the results. (Incidentally, we’re flattered that a phrase we once used to describe Armitage in this old Stranger review stuck with that talented, world-renowned emcee and found its way back into the blogosphere in 21st Century’s generous write up. “Honey-coated gravel”, indeed!)

While you’re visiting our kindred bloggers over at 21st Century, don’t forget to stop over HERE for the irresistibly glossy, 122 page special print edition that came out in 2012. It’s a keeper- and Dirty Martini’s radiant face and epic manicure are on the cover.  There’s no better way to bid adieu to 2012…

**Dirty Martini photo © Roxi DLite**

~ by angrytruffle on 01/09/2013.

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