Pick of the (g)litter: Fresh Meat.

Fresh Meat, January 4 at the Rendezvous

Fresh Meat, January 4 at the Rendezvous

Burlesque Seattle Press has been enjoying a long and luxurious holiday season, and we sincerely hope that all you glittery people and fans of glittery people have been doing the same. Before we get crackin’ in 2013, one little show caught our eye that we feel is important for a variety of worthwhile reasons… not unlike an irresistibly scrumptious layer cake.

Friday, January 4 Boom Boom L’Roux has revived Fresh Meat! A Performer Showcase. Experienced “celebrity panelists” will give feedback on the evening’s acts, and viewers are encouraged to jot down written notes to be used as constructive criticism on what they see. Performers can bring new or seasoned acts to the stage, so if you just want to see what people are currently working on you can attend just for the fun of seeing newish acts in a less pressured environment than the usual formal setting. Live performance that’s interactive and extremely helpful to developing strong artists? Count us in.

This installment of Fresh Meat is hosted by Ace Carter, and includes performances by:

Cherry Killer Tomatoes
Czech Mate
Iva Handfull
Kiki Cosmosis
Lana MilkNHoney
Miss Elaine Yes & Miss Teri Yes
Morgue Anne
Penelope Rose
Sabina Soubrette
Scarlett O’ Hairdye

Panelists will include:
Jo Jo Stiletto
The Luminous Pariah
Ava Raqs

Tickets are $10 at the door, box office will open at 7pm and doors are at 7:30. Check out the show’s Facebook page here:

She won't be a panelist, as far as we know...

She won’t be a panelist, as far as we know…

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