Behind the scenes at Land of the Sweets Part 2: a Q&A with Mafia Minx.

Who wouldn't take direction from Mafia Minx: Production Assistant/Front of House Manager for Land of the Sweets?

Who wouldn’t take direction from Mafia Minx, Production Assistant/Front of House Manager for Land of the Sweets?

Last week we chatted with Wardrobe Mistress Taffeta V. about life behind the wardrobe racks at Land of the Sweets. As the final week of this year’s holiday extravaganza begins, we bring you part two of our special feature: a Q&A with Mafia Minx. Now in her second year of dual roles as Production Assistant/Front of House Manager, Mafia very sweetly took a few moments to dish via email.

Jessica Price: How would you describe the “nuts and bolts” of your dual roles in Land of the Sweets…what does it entail throughout the run?

Mafia Minx: My job is to make sure that everything runs smooth in the front of the house. I deal with everything from comps to rhinestoning bra straps. We have a really solid crew and we work well as a team! This year I had the added benefit of being at rehearsals. The new finale is amazing!

Jessica: What is it like locking down the details on a series this lengthy, often with multiple shows per night? Are there a lot of surprises, or once you begin does it function like a well-oiled machine?

Mafia Minx: Before the run starts I am dealing with press comps, performers comps, and an abundance of other small tasks. It can be tedious but the hard work is done before we open. The cast and crew are a dream to work with. Everyone is working together to make sure we have a smooth run. We are a great team!

Jessica: Lily & Jasper are famously very involved in all the details of their baby, Land of the Sweets– but they also perform night after night. How much do you take over once the train has left the station, so to speak?

Mafia Minx: They really do a lot! I am constantly amazed at how hard they work. I take care of any issues that come up during the show, so they are able to focus on performing.

Jessica:What has been the most rewarding or interesting part of being behind the scenes?

Mafia Minx: I adore this show, so to be able to be a part of every aspect is really amazing. The most rewarding thing for me is to be able to watch the show so many times! It gets better and better every show!

Jessica: What’s your biggest nightmare?

Mafia Minx: I think the worst thing that could happen would be an injury to Lily or Jasper. This show wouldn’t happen without those two!

Jessica: How would you describe the arc of the mood backstage from the start of the series to the very last show?

Mafia Minx: In the beginning everyone is ready to get it started, mid run is where everyone gets a little tired. By the last show everyone is happy and a little sad thats its ending. Its so much fun to spend the holidays with all these glittery people!

Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker runs through December 27 at the Triple Door. Please visit or for tickets and show times.

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