Pick of the (g)litter: New Screws, s’il vous plaît.

Don't you wanna come on out to meet her? Lady Drew Blood (Photo by Inti St. Clair)

Don’t you wanna come on out to meet her? Lady Drew Blood (Photo by Inti St. Clair)

There’s more than a handful of burlesque happenings this week (let alone this month- POC outlined some holiday options for you down HERE) –  but this weekend there’s something extra special over at the Columbia City Theater. The ladies of Stripped Screw will welcome new members Seraphina Fiero and Lady Drew Blood on their “maiden voyages” with the troupe during their revamped holiday extravaganza The Best Burlesque Pageant Ever.

Violet Tendencies told me recently that the audition and selection process for finding new members was an extremely tough undertaking.  The audition turnout was incredibly strong- no surprise considering that Seattle boasts one of the richest nearly-naked talent pools in the country.  In the end, the ladies agreed they’d met their match in Seraphina and Lady Drew Blood: “Seraphina Fiero is someone who we all absolutely adore, both for her phenomenal stage performances but also just in and of herself. She was our guest for Undressed to Kill and we’d all worked with her in other shows as well so we already knew that she fit right in,” Violet said. “Originally we had anticipated only taking on one new member, however we just couldn’t resist scooping up Lady Drew Blood as well. She is versatile, hilarious, and adds a great new dynamic to the troupe. So we are thrilled with the new lineup and I feel like Stripped Screw is better than ever. ”

Stripped Screw’s star has been rapidly rising since their earliest days at their beloved Jewelbox Theater; in 2013 expect to see just how far the troupe has come in their new home at the Columbia City Theater.  Everything from the scale of the shows to the meticulously upgraded choreography, costumes, and production values have grown bigger and better in all the right places.  Stripped Screw has come a long way- and we loved them to begin with. It’s tricky to continue an upward trajectory in the world of live performance. Stripped Screw is meeting the future with bells on…and not much else.

...with a side of Seraphina Fiero, pretty please (POC Photo)

…with a side of Seraphina Fiero, pretty please. (POC Photo)

As for the rest of the troupe, Kylie Koyote was deceptively sweet and well-behaved when she modeled with designer/burlesquer Jamie Von Stratton and fellow models Ruby Mimosa and Inga Ingenue on King5’s “New Day” – check out the screen shot below.  Catch the full clip HERE: Jamie’s segment begins at about 1:20.  I never thought I’d hear a morning talk show host say “girl crush” so nonchalantly.  Or “every craft project should begin with a cocktail.”  But then, Jamie brings out the best in everyone. Check out Jamie’s blog HERE and her latest brainchild with fellow designer Danial Hellman over HERE.

Kylie models for J. Von Stratton on King5's New Day 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Jessica!

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