Picks of the (g)litter.

BSP will be out of pocket for a few days doing some extracurricular Madonna-worshipping in Vancouver and Seattle…but when we return we have a very special feature about the other show we’re absolutely swooning over in October:  Black Lodge Burlesque: A Night of Cabaret Inspired by David Lynch.

Also happening within the first week of October are two exceptional shows worthy of attention:

Friday October 5:  AtmosFear Productions presents Decay, a night of sultry, dark, and dangerous burlesque and bellydance. I believe as of today tickets for this event might be sold out, but who knows- perhaps there will be some last minute door sales. One can only hope.  Decay’s unusual theme and stellar cast (La Petite Mort, Seraphina Fiero, Violet Tendencies, Iva Handfull, and more) caught my eye- BSP is all for a little exploration of the darker side of burlesque.  And how very appropriate for the first week of October…

Seraphina Fiero (POC)

Sunday, October 7:  Mod Carousel presents: Wham! Bam! KaBoom! at Can Can in the perfect-for-day-jobbers slot at 7:30pm (doors are at 7pm). Speaking of dark sides, although this particular Mod Carousel show centers on superheroes and a villainous vixen, I recently caught Paris Original performing with Sinner Saint Burlesque and was especially taken with one of his acts in which he plays a devilish role.  Watching Paris embrace his dark side is always a little like watching Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction or Damages… something just “turns”- and something formidable takes hold.

Paris Original and The Luminous Pariah (POC)

At any rate, you can see the yang to this yin at Can Can. Wham! Bam! KaBoom! should be sharpened to perfection, as the cast spent time touring in Europe and beyond this summer:

“This show has been quite fun to tour around,” says the Luminous Pariah  “We have performed it roughly 30 times, give or take a show.  Our run in London was for six weeks, and was wonderful. The crowds seemed to be more surprised than some, having not been to see much burlesque in general – let alone ‘BOYlesque’, says the Luminous Pariah. The Brits seem to be a bit more buttoned up than our US cohorts, but generally end up excited (sometimes more so) about halfway through.  Our show is a very American-style comedy, so some jokes were lost on a British audience, and they giggled at other things that weren’t intended for that affect.”

“After our time in London, we moved on to Brighton, Berlin, Basel (Switzerland), Paris, and Madrid. We then hopped over to NYC for one show, then on to Boston. We had very pleasant experiences in all of these great cities….Our next tour will be in the US this winter. After that, we will go to Europe in February for shows in Basel, Helsinki, London, and possibly more…”

Welcome Mod Carousel back to the US at Can Can, October 7.

See you soon….


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