Love Italian style: Burlesco DiVino in pictures.

~ All photos by Paul O’Connell (POC Photo)

Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann created a new work specifically for the Triple Door’s Summer Of Riesling celebration: Burlesco DiVino: Wine in Rome (which ran August 8 -10 at The Triple Door) explored a wine-rich Italian culture across the ages with style and sensuality.

With Lily and Jasper, would you expect anything less? What follows is a selection of POC’s favorite images from the show:

Lily Verlaine: always the center of attention.

The incomparable Jasper McCann

~ by angrytruffle on 08/16/2012.

One Response to “Love Italian style: Burlesco DiVino in pictures.”

  1. Fifth photo from the bottom. Lumi, Paris and Trojan… WOWZA!! Great shot Paul!

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