Picks of the (g)litter July 27 edition: Stripped Screw Burlesque in “Undressed to Kill”.

Special guest “The Scintillating Sleuth” Flirty Sanchez will appear in Undressed to Kill (Photo by Flirty Sanchez)

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned erotic thriller? Move over Basic Instinct, tonight Stripped Screw launches our top show pick for the week: Undressed to Kill.

Here’s the details:

The dangerous dames of Stripped Screw are on the loose and one of these kinky kittens just might be a cold blooded killer. Watch as our fiery forensics femme and sexy slinkster sleuth uncover all the dirty details. Which one of these red hots did the rub out? And will our gum-shoes be able to make her sing? Someone has to take the fall for the stiff we found in the JewelBox Theater! Starring the dangerous dames of Stripped Screw Kutie LaBootie, Kylie Koyote, Stella D’Letto and Violet Tendencies with special guest Seraphina Fiero and featuring Bella Bijoux and Flirty Sanchez.

5 shows over 3 days
July 27 at 8 pm
July 28 at 7 pm and 8.30 pm
July 29 at 6.30 pm and 8 pm

Get tickets by clicking OVER HERE.

Stella D’Letto (Photo by Wavepainter Photography/Charles Davis)

Violet Tendencies (Photo by Wavepainter/Charles Davis)

Kylie Koyote (Photo by Wavepainter/Charles Davis)

Kutie LaBootie (Photo by Wavepainter/Charles Davis)

“The Forensics Babe” Bella Bijoux (Photo by Louie Baweja)

“The Mistress of Ceremonies” Seraphina Fiero (POC Photo)

~ by angrytruffle on 07/27/2012.

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