Future tense: J. Von Stratton’s sleek and sexy fashion.

Jamie Von Stratton in her own design (Photo Jiamin Zhu)

Jamie Von Stratton, the one woman show that is J. Von Stratton Designs, is throwing a big, beautiful benefit in a few months and everyone is invited. A full-fledged fashion show at the Triple Door is a rare occurrence- maybe even unprecedented? – but if anyone can mix retro-modern jet-setting designs, dinner, and larger than life performances within the subterranean depths of the Triple Door, it’s Jamie.  The Fashion Presentation (benefiting Washington Women in Need) takes place this fall and is currently in its hatching stages: sequins are on order, fabric is being lovingly caressed, and grand ideas are feverishly being sketched for what Jamie hopes will be at least 25 full looks.

But there’s more to this show than meets the eye.  As with her wearable creations, any project under Jamie’s direction will include a little something extra.  Aerial, opera, drag, burlesque- if you can look good doing it, it might just be part of the show.   Models and cast will include Ben DeLaCreme, opera diva Elizabeth Ripley, Heavenly Spies songstress Caela Bailey, Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover, aerialists Quynbi and Tanya Brno, and appearances by Miss Kitty Baby and the Pinup Angels.

Jamie, aka Honey D. Luxe from Seattle super-troupe The Atomic Bombshells, has been designing fashion and costumes for nearly a decade.  She closed Agent X Clothing (her original Capitol Hill shop) in 2007 to revamp her line; today her one of a kind creations as J. Von Stratton range from impeccable, sleek custom designs to delectable gowns, dreamy wedding dresses, and of course, fantastical stage wear.

Kitten LaRue, Lou Henry Hoover, and Jamie (Photo by Jiamin Zhu)

The hand-signed postcards popping up all over town featuring a trio of color-blocked vixens (Jamie, Kitten LaRue, and Lou Henry Hoover) recently caught my eye.  Jamie and I chatted for a few minutes last week on the underpinnings of her upcoming presentation:

BSP: How did you come up with the idea for this event?

JAMIE: I came up with the concept to do a show like this a few years ago. I rather liked the idea of producing my own solo fashion show, where the only guidelines were the limits of my imagination. I also wanted an opportunity to show audiences that I’m a designer outside of the burlesque world as well. I can create gorgeous sophisticated garments for all types of women. Granted, it will still have my ‘Larger Than Life’ style flare, but the garments will lean to the more wearable…with a few over the top looks, for sure! The only other limitation I face for this venture is budget. However, I’m REALLY excited to see what I can do with a supply budget less than 1K. So just imagine in the future, when I win a CFDA award….

BSP:  Can you share a little about the non-profit that you’ve chosen?

JAMIE:  The Non-Profit is Washington Women In Need, www.wwin.org. They offer grants to women living in a low income situation that need help. Or to single mothers who need assistance. It’s really great to be able to give back to a charity that helps our community here in the Northwest. As a performer and full time artist (and I think I can speak for a lot of us here) we’ve all been down that path of low-income living, so it’s easy to relate to the women who seek help from this organization.

BSP:  Is there an overall theme to the garments you’re making- in other words, is it a collection you will be showing, or more of an individual piece kind of thing?

JAMIE:  The show is set up to show theme-related looks, in between performances. I’m quite thrilled to be presenting this way. It’s really a nod to the vintage style of modeling (like in the film How to Marry A Millionaire). The girls will each have numbers during the show, and you can bid on the item based on the number. It’s going to be fun, and wild, and hopefully a crazy fun time! My themes range from vintage glamour, to neon avant-garde, to sequin gowns, a Swiss ski vacation in the 60s, and of course BRIDAL!

I have 14 days left [on the Kickstarter supply fund], so hopefully I can reach my goal, and possibly more!


To visit Jamie’s Kickstarter or learn more about her and the event, visit: www.kickstarter.com/projects/2142251928/j-von-stratton-fall-fashion-presentation.  To purchase tickets, click HERE.  You can also visit Jamie’s website over HERE.

The enchanting Lou Henry Hoover (Photo by Jiamin Zhu)

Jamie’s designs were featured at THAW Fashion Show (Kelly O Photography)

(Kelly O Photography)

Lou, Kitten, and Jamie (Photo by Jiamin Zhu)

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