BHOF 2012 Tournament of Tease title winners.

Imogen Kelly in 2011, who was just crowned Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2012 at BHOF. ( Photo: Brent Leideritz, Makeup: Mishka,

POC is currently in Vegas (where he performed in Indigo Blue’s farewell number) and his BHOF travel diary will be coming soon. For now, here’s the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012 Tournament of Tease title winners:

Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2012, Miss Exotic World: Imogen Kelly (Sydney, Australia)
First Runner-Up: Ophelia Flame (Minneapolis, MN)
Second Runner-Up: Trixie Little (New York, NY)
Best Troupe: The Peek-A-Boo Revue (Philadelphia, PA)
Best Duo: Frenchie Kiss and Jett Adore (Chicago, IL)
Best Boylesque: Russell Bruner (Portland, OR)
Best Debut: Ruby Joule (Austin, Texas)
Most Dazzling Dancer: Perle Noire (New Orleans, LA)
Most Classic: Ruby Joule (Austin, Texas)
Most Comical: April O’Peel (Vancouver, BC)
Most Innovative: Koko La Douce (Switzerland)

For photos from last night’s festivities, please visit our friends over at 21St Century Burlesque. Also, check out the absolutely stunning fashion and beauty photography of Twenty Four b, the work of collaborators Brent Leideritz & Mishka at ,

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