Clips of fury.

In addition to the whimsical Lily Verlaine clip posted earlier this week, there have been several other dalliances with burlesque luminaries in video recently. The Shanghai Pearl prances and grins through the hallucinatory trailer for SIFF 2012 (aka the Seattle International Film Festival) in a sliver bodysuit made by designer Jamie Von Stratton:


As for Jamie, she was recently profiled by King 5 in a short featurette touching on both her design career and the nature of her relationship with burlesque. Catch the clip OVER HERE, with special appearances by Iva Handfull, Kylie Koyote, and members of the Atomic Bombshells.

Unfortunately, the fifth installment of Miss Indigo Blue’s “Queen’s Edict” series (filmed on location in Austin by POC and co-starring Ray Gunn) has been unceremoniously yanked from youtube. Thankfully #4 is still up and running:

~ by angrytruffle on 05/12/2012.

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