Danial Webster Design gown on display. Underwear for a cause.

Indigo Blue's winning act at BHOF 2011, in custom couture gown created by local designer Danial Webster (POC Photo)

Lily Verlaine onstage at BHOF 2011 in the Stargazer Gown, by Danial Webster (POC Photo)

Inga Ingenue in a gown by Danial Webster (Photo by Shena Lee); Please visit Inga at http://www.bluevelvetburlesque.com)

Some mid-week eye candy for performers dreaming of custom costuming (or for “normal” folk such as myself that love to ogle beautiful garments): the Stargazer Gown, which was worn by Lily Verlaine for her performance at BHOF 2011, is currently on display at Retail Therapy (905 E. Pike, Seattle). The gown was custom made by designer Danial Webster, who in addition to his super-sexy underwear line, has worked with many a stage performer including Reigning Queen of Burlesque Miss Indigo Blue for her title-winning performance and Inga Ingenue, Miss Viva Las Vegas 2011. This year Danial has been hard at work with Minneapolis performer Ophelia Flame, who will wear a Danial Webster Design when she competes for the title Miss Exotic World 2012, Queen of Burlesque at BHOF weekend. A few months ago Danial invited me to his studio for a sneak peek at Ophelia’s gown; I won’t give away any spoilers, but I can confirm it is stunning. The artistry and detail of their collaboration is astonishing- just wait and see.

If you’d like to contact Danial about his custom gowns, please visit:

Danial Webster Design: danial@dwdesignonline.com
General Design Portfolio www.dwdesignonline.com
Danial Webster Underwear dwdesign.myshopify.com

Now through BHOF weekend, 20% of Danial’s online underwear sales are going to the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012 Legends Challenge. You can pick up handmade undies for a special man in your life while you support the Burlesque Legends- check out the styles available HERE.

If you can’t make it to Retail Therapy, this breathtaking video filmed by Actor/Writer/Director Shawn Telford shows Lily and the Stargazer Gown in action:

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