Stark Naked.

Madeline Rider and Wiggy Stardust of FAUXDUST (POC Photo)

“…where heat breeds plots, lusts and intrigues; to the vast and savage eastern lands; all the way to the frozen north, where an 800-foot wall of ice protects the kingdom from the dark forces that lie beyond. Kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars, lords and honest men…all will play the ‘Game of Thrones.” –, Game of Thrones

A setup like this is positively teeming with possibilities for a live performance re-purposing. Seattle production duo FAUXDUST aim to shine a light on author George R.R. Martin’s incredibly complex characters with the launch of inaugural show Stark Naked: A Nerdlesque Tribute to A Game of Thrones in conjunction with Theatre Off Jackson this summer.

For a new production team, FAUXDUST partners Wiggy Stardust and Madeline Rider boast some enviable experience. Most know Wiggy as a burlesque performer and accomplished digital artist; she also interned with producer/performer The Swedish Housewife on the Wild Herring cabarets as well as on the epic rocklesque show House of Thee UnHoly at the Triple Door.

Madeline, a longtime contributor here at Burlesque Seattle Press, is known for her thoughtful sociopolitical critiques and feminist sensibilities. She has also worked with some heavy-hitters behind the scenes: first as a production intern for Miss Indigo Blue during her Blue Moon and Dark Side of the Moon cabarets, then as personal assistant to Lily Verlaine. Later Madeline transitioned to the role of production assistant for Lily Verlaine Presents during the 2010-2011 productions of Through the Looking Glass, 2010’s twenty-six show run of Land of the Sweets, Nightcap, and L’Edition Francaise.

Having worked behind the scenes with such accomplished company (and on such a grand scale), it stands to reason the ladies of FAUXDUST have picked up a few tricks along the way- not the least of which is dreaming big. As for why they wanted to tackle such an over-the-top concept as their first endeavor, the producers say via their Facebook page:

“Our first production comes in the form of Stark Naked: A Nerdlesque Tribute to the Game of Thrones. For those unfamiliar with Game of Thrones, it is the first in a series of high fantasy novels from author George R.R. Martin, also released in 2011 as an HBO mini-series. Originally written as a three-act storyline loosely based on the plot of Game of Thrones, Wiggy and Madeline have refined their ideas into several essential character acts giving their performers the artistic freedom to work from their own fantastical inspiration. More parody than adaptation, Stark Naked exaggerates the already over-the-top elements of high fantasy by staging displays of burlesque, music, and variety. We aim to marry the worlds of literature, music, and performance in an accessible yet tawdry spectacle of epic proportions with room for future expansion.”

A call for act submissions (which incidentally, is open to Seattle, Olympia, Portland, and all reasonable points Northwest) is currently open through May 15, 2012. Partial details are below; view the listing with requirements and other technical information on Facebook OVER HERE.

Stark Naked: A Nerdlesque Tribute to the Game of Thrones
Produced in conjunction with Theatre Off Jackson


Danaerys Stormborn, eat your heart out! Madeline Rider and Wiggy Stardust of FAUXDUST, a production company whose aim is to create fantastic collaborations between performance, digital, and musical artists without compromising on vision nor artist compensation, are hungry like the (dire)wolf for cast and crew for their debut production, Stark Naked, premiering at and produced in conjunction with Theatre Off Jackson in July 2012.

In search of: George R. R. Martin devotees, HBO’s Game of Thrones junkies, fantasy novel fans, a burlesque khalasar, swarthy swordsmen and women, singer-songwriters of ice and fire, and artists of all varieties! We are also seeking pick-up artists, crew members, and volunteers.

More parody than adaptation, Stark Naked exaggerates the already over-the-top elements of high fantasy by staging displays of burlesque, music, and variety. We aim to marry the worlds of literature, music, and performance in an accessible yet tawdry spectacle of epic proportions with room for future expansion. Stark Naked will be a burlesque poptacular, and we invite artists of all persuasions to submit act ideas that weirwood rock you.

Due to the limited number of female characters in Game of Thrones, we are particularly interested in performers– male, female, and anything in between–who would like to embody some of the male characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

We also encourage performers from our neighboring cities of Olympia and Portland to submit their act ideas. We want Stark Naked to serve as a stepping stone for future cross-community collaborations. Geek-lust knows no boundaries! Arrangements can and will be made regarding housing and travel options for out of town performers.

Please email all submissions and any inquiries to Please include in your submission: general concept, music, approximate length, colors, prop and stage requirements, a brief performer bio, head shot, and performance shot if available. Act idea submissions are due by May 15th, 2012, so get kraken!

Tentative rehearsal dates (Performers must be able to make at least two of the following dates): June 17, July 1, July 8, July 11
Dress rehearsal (required): July 12
Production dates: July 13-14



If you’d like to help in ways leaning more towards “patron” than performer, FAUXDUST is also accepting donations to help grease the wheels of such an ambitious production. The funds aren’t for profitability but for production, say the ladies. Aside from production and artist guarantees, money raised will go directly back to performers. FAUXDUST seeks to pay all performers a livable wage without skimping on the production itself or setting too high a ticket price.

In these days of rampant Kickstarter campaigns, with scads of fundraisers happening in theater, dance, visual arts, radio- it’s often hard to find motivation to give (and give some more). Burlesque is no exception. But for all these causes, the best motivation of all is simply a show of support. Support of artists, support of ideas- because without them, life would be far, far less fascinating. And absolutely far less fun.

Read more about FAUXDUST’s take on making things happen OVER HERE.

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