Give till it hurts.

Jennie Lee The Bazoom Girl: the tassels that launched 1000 trips. (Flyer by Wiggy Stardust)

No arts community pulls together the way that burlesque does. Across the nation right now a series of Legends Challenge Benefits are under way, all designed to raise funds to bring their far-flung, tassel-twirling sisters back to the mothership- the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas. Running continuously since 1957, Reunion attendance busts its bejeweled seams every year and truly means the world to the ladies from burlesque’s heyday that are able to be there. The Hall of Fame is still reaching women now in their 60s to 90s- ladies that had no idea anyone would remember their names, let alone treasure their twinkling histories and holler for them on stage. Miss Kitty Baby, just returned from Tease-O-Rama’s Legends Brunch in San Francisco, reports that when asked what their most cherished performance memories were, those in attendance confessed that the outpouring of love and friendship they felt performing for peers and friends at BHOF was without a doubt their most memorable achievement.

Seattle is sponsoring three Legends this year- meaning, offsetting the costs of travel and accommodations for Velvet Ice, Eartha Quake, and Di Alba, who was recently been located and will be performing at the upcoming Fringe & Feathers Benefit for the first time in 27 years. Now 66 years old, Di is beside herself with excitement to join the ‘modern exotic’ family headed to BHOF.

What a DISH. The Beautiful & Sexy Di Alba (which was actually her tagline in burlesque)

Two upcoming burlesque throwdowns are a part of the Legends Challenge:

Thursday, May 3, 2012: Fringe and Feathers ~ A Burlesque Hall Of Fame Legends Challenge Fundraiser @ the Jewel Box Theatre

Hosted by: Miss Kitty Baby
Starring: Legend ~ Di Alba

Tamara The Trapeze Lady
Kylie Koyote
Ginger Snapz
Evilyn Sin Claire
Iva Handfull
Vixen Valentine
Miss Fortune
Richard Longfellow
LuLu Bell

Wednesday, May 16, 2012: Midnight Menagerie Productions Presents A BHOF Legends Challenge Fundraiser @ the Jewel Box Theatre

Host by that Glamorous Gal with the Golden Gullet, Gams Galore
With Special Guests:
Boom Boom L’Roux
Whisper de Corvo
Beatrice Belladonna
Sir Eddie Van Glam
Stella D’Letto
Vixen Valentine
Miss Kitty Baby
Fosse Jack
Pidgeon Von Tramp
…and more

But first up, this Saturday one showcase is dedicated solely to fundraising for the preservation of burlesque’s rich history through the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum Archiving Project.

Saturday, April 28: The Academy Benefit for the Burlesque Hall of Fame @ West Hall

Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2011, Miss Indigo Blue, happens to be celebrating her birthday that night- and in appropriately regal, philanthropic fashion has arranged the very best in mostly naked entertainment to support the archival process:

Miss Indigo Blue, Reigning Queen of Burlesque ’11
Inga Ingénue, Miss Viva Las Vegas ’11
Lily Verlaine, 2nd Runner Up ’11
The Shanghai Pearl, Best Debut Competitor, 09
The Heavenly Spies, Best Duo 2007
Velvet Ice “The Sleaze with Ease”, Seattle’s Vintage Vixen
Heidi Von Haught, formerly of the Von Foxies, Best Troupe 2007
Elsa Von Schmaltz, formerly of the Von Foxies, Best Troupe 2007
Miss Kitty Baby
Vixen Valentine

So much love! So much talent! So many beautiful bodies. If that’s not enough to make you hot under the collar, I don’t know what is. If you’re feeling extra inspired, ticket packages are available to all three shows at a bargain rate- click HERE on the orange “Begin Order” icon to view the options.

Also to be filed under Very Big Deals, this weekend (Friday April 27- Saturday April 28) NYC hosts the first ever New York Boylesque Festival, “celebrating the male performer and best of male burlesque”. The lineup is absolutely killer. Among other luminaries, the festival features our very own hometown honeys:

Trojan Original (Seattle)
The Luminous Pariah (Seattle)
Paris Original (Seattle)
and Mod Carousel (Seattle)

I ran into The Luminous Pariah a few days before his departure to the festival, and he told me he was extremely excited and honored to be a guest at such an important new event. The three performers will soon be off to London and beyond- check back for future postings on their adventures.

It's about time.

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