Killer Metal & Hot Babes.

In the premier issue of A&P, the Stranger’s new print and online quarterly dedicated solely to Art & Performance, a pint-sized Burlesque Box returns and tips a hat to Sinner Saint’s new run, as well as to this charming young lady:

Madisun Avenue by Photographer Fiona Pepe (www.FIONAPEPE.COM)

Madisun Avenue and partner David Stern have been quietly (or not so quietly, depending how you look at it) running the monthly Metalesque! series as well as one-of-a kind shows under the banner Reckless Revue. This Saturday March 31, Metalesque! features Madisun Avenue herself, as well as Boom Boom L’Roux, Mitzy Sixx, Olatsa Assin, and Laela Lovechild. Then on April 1, Reckless Revue brings Portland’s Wanderlust Circus to the Columbia City Theater.

Read about Metalesque! and the upcoming tribute to the Tom Waits classic Frank’s Wild Years in the Burlesque Box  HERE, and check out the related show listings at the Columbia City Theater HERE.


In other news, POC Photo will soon be heading to Sin City for VLV15: the 15th annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender. Inga Ingénue, the Reigning VLV Queen 2011, will give a farewell performance and our very own Sydni Deveraux will compete for the title this year. More coverage to follow when POC returns…and best of luck to Sydni, as well as all the performers heading to Vegas.



And last but not least, it’s just been announced that the lovely ladies of Heavenly Spies are launching a brand new show called MAJESTY on April 6 at Can Can. The seven dancers will pack the tiny but venerable stage- including choreographer/performer Agent Rhinestone, who took a brief time out for her new baby during the last production. More to come on this show in the weeks to follow; for now the show’s press info declares:

The seven Spies set the Can Can stage on fire with their high energy, athletic choreography set to lively indie pop music fit for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! MAJESTY joins all genres of dance and couples strong female archetypes with colorful utopian imagery. Get ready to see cupid wings, tit slings and mermaids on swings, pole dancing and square dancing, and the best booty-pop’n royal highnies in the Northwest! Opening night is April 6th at Can Can Kitchen & Cabaret and will continue every Friday night in May and June at 10:30pm.

For more information and tickets, please visit Can Can at the sidebar, right.

The Heavenly Spies in MAJESTY (Photo credit pending)

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