Eye candy.

Sadly, today was the final day to catch the titillating documentary about legendary Parisian cabaret club Le Crazy Horse at SIFF Cinema at the Uptown in Queen Anne. (Yes, that Crazy Horse, where Dita Von Teese has been an honorary featured performer; some of her numbers there were released in conjunction with the club HERE).

If like me, you missed the documentary Crazy Horse in its whirlwind week in Seattle because you were preoccupied with gladiators and Madonna tickets, you can amuse yourself (in French!) with the trailer below. Horse tails clock in at 20 seconds, and the incredibly monotone/adorably French showgirls begin inexplicably singing in a recording studio at about 1:08. It’s a very amusing two minutes well worth your time:

In more regional but also vaguely French news, POC Photo has just posted some pix of The Atomic Bombshells in J’Adore! A Burlesque Valentine over HERE. Here’s a little sampler from the set:

Ruby Mimosa, The Island Flower (POC)

Kitten LaRue, Lou Henry Hoover, and Inga Ingenue...chained together (POC)

Ben DeLaCreme in "Sugartown" (POC)

Kitten's nod to Evangeline the Oyster Girl (POC)

Honey D.Luxe's ever-expanding heart dress (POC)

The magnifcent Lily Verlaine (POC)

75 other photos from J’Adore! can be seen HERE.

~ by angrytruffle on 02/17/2012.

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