Mod Carousel returns to Noc Noc before hitting the road. Reform School Girls, remixed.


Mod Carousel is well worth the risk of a snowflake or two on your pretty neck this Thursday, January 19. The second of two performances of their Super Hero show, part of the Winter Guest Series at Noc Noc, is already nearly sold out. Everyone knows Seattle has talented ladies galore; we should also be hugely proud of our stupendously talented gentlemen.

The Luminous Pariah, Trojan Original, and Paris Original are the core members of multidisciplinary neo-burlesque collective Mod Carousel, though you have probably also seen all three performers guesting or collaborating in many other projects throughout the last few years. We are extremely lucky to have such innovative and wildly creative talents in our midst. In Thursday’s encore the boys will once again test their strength- the show’s synopsis frames the plot as an epic journey to destroy a villainous vixen while leaving a trail of discarded clothing in their wake.

Mod Carousel’s Super Hero will be featured in London from June 5-July 15, and then make a stop in Alaska from July 20-28. Here are some photos from the production’s premiere at Noc Noc, courtesy of our good friend Greg Holloway:

Mod Carousel at Noc Noc last Thursday (Photo by Greg Holloway)

A Bjork-like Leeni wrapped in a swan...(Photo by Greg Holloway)

You'll have to go on Thursday to make sense of this. (Photo by Greg Holloway)

Next up for Mod Carousel’s Luminous Pariah and Paris Original will be more travel. Here’s the press info for upcoming tour dates for a little show with big, big energy…SpeedBump:

SpeedBump: A Neo-Burlesque Road Trip features the Luminous Pariah, Paris Original, Randi Rascal and Wiggy Stardust in 11 cities across the U.S.

Exploding from Seattle’s red-hot neo-burlesque scene, daring teasers the Luminous Pariah, Paris Original, Randi Rascal and Wiggy Stardust are taking their show on the road! SpeedBump is a vision for the future of burlesque, setting up collaborations with local boundary-smashing performers in various cities across the Western half of the U.S. to showcase innovative and explorative facets of the genre.

Irreverent, political, genre-blending and gender-bending- the unique talents of these fabulous four converge to highlight the most thrilling aspects of the neo-burlesque movement. Drag, Dance, Performance Art, and Anthropology come together in an edgy spectacle fusing the ecdysiastic and academic with grace and charm (and a healthy dose of skin).

Wiggy Stardust (Photo by Julia Bruk)

The Luminous Pariah in “Fierce”, an act outfitted in recycled polyethylene. (Photo by Debora Spencer)

Please click HERE for tour dates and up to the minute information, or see The Luminous Pariah on the sidebar at right.



And for those that feel more like staying snug a little farther up the Hill this Thursday, our friends over at Central Cinema are once again hosting a Burlesque Along- this time featuring burlesque mixed with… what else? Reform School Girls. A brilliant pairing of the “women in prison” film niche with live burlesque. Central Cinema’s powers that be should be given some serious credit for experimenting with a new genre in their regular Burlesque Alongs. Wendy O. Williams (lead singer of the Plasmatics, and one of the stars of the film) certainly would have been proud. Before her death in 1998, she was known as a real life hellion.

Reform School Girls: Burlesque Along takes place at Central Cinema Thursday, January 19 at 8pm. For more information and tickets, click HERE.

Reform School Girls poster, 1986

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