Sinner Saint departs for London after a warm & fuzzy closing night of Dark Matter.

Sinner Saint Burlesque in Dark Matter (POC Photo)

The final night of Sinner Saint Burlesque’s Dark Matter just last week was a love-filled affair. The hard-working girl gang performed their collective bottoms right off for an audience full of friends, fans, and adopted family- bidding Seattle farewell a few days before their return to London for a seven week run of feature shows. The pride and mutual admiration in the air was palpable, and the ladies gave it their all as they always do.

I barely had time to speak with Sinner Saint about the background of their acts prior to departure. Dark Matter was billed as an alternative holiday show: “staring deeply into that longest night, baring what’s under and within our deep, dark fantasies” and promising to “uncover the arcane, tempt the taboo, and celebrate the celestial bodies of Sinner Saint Burlesque”. And that it did.

Host and renowned belly dancer Delilah alluded to the bizarre world of Ambien-induced hypnotic episodes, and with that the show wasted no time in channeling the subconscious. Evilyn Sin Claire modernized “Walking After Midnight” by succumbing to a trance-like state, performing what would be most accurately described as “sexual parasomnia” (or more simply- a lucid dream pillow-humping with a smitten sheep standing by, happy to participate).

Polly Wood explored the role of smoldering seductress in “Whore of Babylon”, and Lady TaTas reinvented herself in a hilariously spot-on interpretation of a pageant child. Her dancing was wooden and rife with baby-steps, her smile frozen, and her costume garish- all at the behest of TaTas’s attendant pageant-mom (played by guest star Flirty Sanchez). With the discovery of some pink stripper heels, all hell breaks loose and little TaTas finds a new way to win a popularity contest, as well as some much better dance moves to pair with her pasties.

The most visually arresting act of the evening was Jesse Belle-Jones in a breathtaking fan dance inspired in part by the act of drawing down the moon as well as the mystery of the female body. Encircled in pristine white feathers, a slash of red appeared as one of Jesse’s blood-red gloves suddenly cut through a white fan. Jesse is always mesmerizing, proving again and again in her uniquely cinematic acts how capable she is of changing the entire atmosphere of a room while she occupies the stage.

The girls return to their home at Seattle’s Noc Noc on March 1- in the meantime, their stage will be kept warm by an array of beloved Seattle performers each week. Acclaimed multidisciplinary neo-burlesque collective Mod Carousel (featuring the outstanding power trio of The Luminous Pariah, Paris Original, and Trojan Original) will appear tonight as well as next Thursday, January 19. Also confirmed (as mentioned previously on BSP), Portland’s Rose City Shimmy will guest star Thursday, January 26 and February 23.

Check back in the coming weeks for more details on both Mod Carousel and Rose City Shimmy. Both collectives have very full dance cards this winter and spring…

Here are some photos from the closing night of Dark Matter, courtesy of our very own Paul O’Connell:

Belly dancer Delilah, the host for Dark Matter (POC Photo)

Evilyn Sin Claire in a dream state (POC Photo)

And dreaming of sheep...(POC Photo)

Jesse Belle-Jones, a vision with white fans (POC Photo)

Jesse Belle-Jones, striking in red (POC Photo)

Lady TaTas as a pageant girl (POC Photo)

Stripper Heels (POC Photo)

Polly Wood (POC Photo)

Polly Wood, barely concealed (POC Photo)

Evilyn Sin Claire's End of Times (POC Photo)

Evilyn the Enchantress (POC Photo)

Lady TaTas (POC Photo)

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2 Responses to “Sinner Saint departs for London after a warm & fuzzy closing night of Dark Matter.”

  1. Wow, great article! I loved your descriptions, take, and presentation of their story. I love these ladies so much! It was a great closing night performance indeed!

    • Hope you get to see Rose City Shimmy at Noc Noc…I thought of you in Hai Fleisch’s comment (which I added to the blog later) because she was talking about how much live music is used in Portland.

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