Teasers with a twist.

In case you missed the third installment of Miss Indigo Blue’s infinitely amusing “Queen’s Edict” video series, here’s a look at her dreamy, warm weather remake of the Scopitone video of Donna Theodore’s “Femininity” (with some very amusing outtakes at the end):

Also starring Julie Atlas Muz and The Stage Door Johnnies. Cinematography & editing by Madsen Minax.

This month you can catch Indigo performing in the annual holiday extravaganza that is Land of The Sweets. Late night shows will offer the best possible seating, click HERE to find tickets, and follow the tag ‘Queen’s Edicts’ below to watch the previous messages from Miss Indigo.


Heavenly Spies have also been captured on video recently. Here’s the slick little teaser for their current show at Can Can, Betty Burlesque (featuring “Shake It Baby” by John Lee Hooker):

_The Heavenly Spies-Can Can Promo_John Lee Hooker “Shake it Baby”_ from Ragebat Studios on Vimeo.

Betty Burlesque runs every Friday 10:30PM @ Can Can, with a holiday edition throughout December. Click here for information.

Cinematography by Jonny Hofner. Edited by Patrick Schnabel, Jonny Hofner, & Christopher Alejandro Perez.

~ by angrytruffle on 12/07/2011.

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