Blue Velvet Burlesque Revue’s “Mondo Exotica” in photos.

The Blue Velvet Burlesque Revue dancers: Inga Ingénue, Fuchsia FoXXX, and The Shanghai Pearl (POC Photo)

There’s been something unusual happening in the subterranean depths of Highway 99 Blues Club since last summer. Fuchsia FoXXX, The Shanghai Pearl, and Inga Ingénue have been appearing at the southern-style juke joint as The Blue Velvet Burlesque Revue paired with a live band. With these shows, the burlesque stars and co-producers Ed Maloney and Jen Cinquemani strive for the improvisational chemistry that’s naturally occurring when burlesque meets live music. The venue, dating back to 1909, has a long history with blues and rockabilly; so far the response to an infusion of burlesque has been extremely positive.

Blue Velvet shows have been selectively scheduled so far- the first was in July, the second followed in October (the dancers also appeared at October’s SAM Remix), and the third official show, Mondo Exotica, took place last weekend. Although it was bitterly cold outside, the ladies warmed things up with an exotic island feel. Inga was attacked by an amorous tropical-sized insect, the impossibly flexible Fuchsia made “Kokomo” sexy, and Shanghai executed a masterful hands-free garter belt removal… by simply leaning a delicate hip on her trusty chaise lounge.

Paul O’Connell of POC Photo captured these shots:

Inga Ingénue (POC Photo)

The Shanghai Pearl (POC Photo)

Fuchsia FoXXX (POC Photo)

Fuchsia in a backbend (POC Photo)

For more information on Blue Velvet’s upcoming shows, please visit

~ by angrytruffle on 11/25/2011.

3 Responses to “Blue Velvet Burlesque Revue’s “Mondo Exotica” in photos.”

  1. These are three of my favorite performers, and it’s so awesome that they’re performing together. And with a live band! I just wish they didn’t keep having these shows on the same night as my own shows, because I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. If this keeps up I’ll probably have to play hookey one night. (don’t tell Mimi)

  2. YES! What a super show! I loved the diversity among the ladies. And yes for live music! Thanks for the slight background on this show. This was only official show #3?! Awesome! I’m so glad I could be there!

    As a musician, I am more then elated by this prospect and type of performance fusion. Hooray for the think tanks and all those who are making it possible! All the best to you! And, how can I get involved!? 😀

    • Hey there! I’ve been thinking about your recent comments about wanting to reach other musicians or performers…I’ll keep my ears open. Of course Sinner Saint works with a live band sometimes (you probably know that) so you might talk to Evilyn or Jesse or the band they work with to make some connections. I will definitely keep my ears open…thanks for writing- and reading.

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