BurlyCon 2011 Classes Posted!

Kellyportfolio Illustrations, Kelly Brownlee.

– Written by Madeline Rider (Contributor, Seattle)

The fourth annual incarnation of Miss Indigo Blue and Jo Weldon’s educational and social conference BurlyCon will be taking place October 20-23, 2011 at the Double Tree SeaTac Inn. The departure from their home of three years in the heart of Downtown Seattle has opened the door to more presenters, more classes, and more panels and it’s clear by this year’s schedule, the programming committee is taking advantage of the venue change.

As indicated on the website, the conference provides an opportunity for performers to focus on “networking, education, and social activities”, which in and of itself, foster the essential bonds unique to the burlesque world. Seemingly drawing inspiration from this year’s emotionally charged Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, BurlyCon’s classes have not only increased in quantity but also display added emphasis on interpersonal dialogue and community building. Examples of such include Ophelia Flame’s “Calm the Fuck Down! Overcoming Anxiety” and Lori Madison aka Madison Moone’s “That’s My Boa, Betch! Non-Violent Communication Practices for Performers and Producers”.

In addition to the these enlightened discussions, attendees of BurlyCon will again have the chance to hear experienced neo-burlesquers and legends weigh in on panels such as “Cougarfest: Aging and Burlesque”, “Disability/Body”, “Double Identity: Burlesque and the Day Job”, “On The Road: Touring”, “Parenting”, “Producing Large Events”, and “Sex Work”. Social events are held each evening of the conference!

Find a full class listing and registration at www.burlycon.org. Tickets to BurlyCon 2011 are currently priced at $275 and will increase on October 20th to $375. Can’t make it to the entire conference and still want to be a part of this spectacular event? Contact the BurlyCon Volunteer Coordinator at vol@burlyconseattle.com.

Waxie Moon teaching at BurlyCon (Photo POC)

A panel At BurlyCon (Photo Don Spiro)

THIS IS IT! The Burlesque Community’s educational and social convention


For the fourth stellar year, BurlyCon is back for 2011! Attendees glowed about last year’s amazing schedule of offerings and round-the-clock fun. With over 100 classes taught by over 25 instructors, BurlyCon is the place to amp up your game! Once again we offer you Peer Reviews to receive real, immediate feedback about your works-in-progress. And once again we offer lots of opportunities for social activities, downtime, and networking with your peers.


• Everything is onsite at our new, larger hotel! Great guest rooms, onsite restaurants and cafe, and outdoor hot tub! Super-convenient location with affordable rates near the Sea-Tac Airport and the Light Rail!
• Simplified pricing and ticketing with GREAT discounts off the Day-Of-Event costs!
• Bigger Marketplace with even more great Burlesque-oriented Vendors!

BurlyCon is an annual Burlesque Educational convention that provides educational offerings, professional growth and in-person social networking for the Burlesque Community. Our aim is to further the development and historical knowledge of this rare American art form that is experiencing a popular resurgence worldwide. Unlike other Festivals and Expos that highlight Burlesque performance, this weekend-long gathering contains no show and no audience. Rather, all activities at BurlyCon are focused on the behind-the-scenes components of Burlesque: building skills, deepening knowledge, and growing as a community.

Register now at www.burlycon.org

Visit Burlesque Seattle Press while we attend to Hospitality on Saturday, October 22nd from 11:00am until 1:00pm!

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