Sound minds and bodies: a week in photos.

rePRODUCTION!'s host, Ernie Von Schmaltz (POC Photo)

Producers Heidi Von Haught, Wiggy Stardust, and Randi Rascal nailed some (political) action last weekend with some of their closest friends and NARAL Pro-Choice, the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Washington state. In the spirit and immediacy of the cause, the performers brought their most dazzling acts and controversial satire to rePRODUCTION! A Burlesque Benefit.

The variety show brought burlesque, belly dance, aerial, puppeteering, and some rather hyper-sensitive paper-mache to the Theatre Off Jackson. Madeline Rider got a little personal with the producers before the show HERE, and photographer Paul O’Connell generously shared some images originally posted in his set HERE which capture a cross-section of the unblushing performances:

The enchanting Evilyn Sin Claire (POC Photo)

Heidi Von Haught, one of the evening's reProducers (POC Photo)

Heidi Von Haught giving a little guidance. (POC Photo)

Queen of Burlesque, Miss Indigo Blue (POC Photo)

Iva Handfull In the examine room (POC Photo)

Jenny Penny (POC Photo)

Wiggy Stardust (POC Photo)

Sylvester Stiffbreeze (POC Photo)

Hyper-sensitive indeed: Tiny Reedlet's Sexy Puppet Parade.

There will be blood: Heidi Von Haught and Randi Rascal (POC Photo)


Also last week and across town at the Jewelbox, Paul captured these fantastic shots of the ladies of Tempting Tarts in summer road (s)trip show Tarts Across America:

Black Cherry & the Cherry Bombs (POC Photo)

Jezebel Vandersnatch (POC Photo)

Sailor St. Claire (POC Photo)

Not bad for one week out on the town in Seattle. Check out the full menu of Tarts and watch for updates on their monthly shows HERE.

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