Seattle performers featured at London’s Brickhouse.

Life Interrupted: Paris Original (a new print by Greg Holloway)

Audacious London supperclub The Brickhouse finished its second run of Electric Burlesque in July. The month-long residency combined burlesque with a photo exhibition, as it did when Sinner Saint took London by storm a few months back. Only this time, Seattle boylesque performers were featured alongside their female counterparts. The Luminous Pariah and Paris Original shared the stage with Sassy Delure (formerly of Seattle, now based in Austin) and Ophelia Moore. The supperclub doubles as a gallery space, and the stylized prints of Seattle photographer Greg Holloway lined the walls. Incidentally, the forward-thinking Greg was also the chief promoter behind the two Seattle-London residencies.

By all accounts, working in London was a life-changing experience for the four performers, as well as for Greg, who has traveled and shown his work abroad previously. Rumor has it the London-Seattle connection may continue in the near future, though nothing has been firmed up or published at this time.

Here are a few photos from the July shows:

Paris Original and The Luminous Pariah performing in London (Photo Greg Holloway)

Ophelia Moore (Photo by Greg Holloway)

The Luminous Pariah on stage in London (Photo by Greg Holloway)

Sassy Delure (Photo by Greg Holloway)

Greg Holloway’s prints (available for purchase on his website) are elegantly stylized photographs taken during live performances. Read the individual stories behind the photos HERE and purchase Electric Burlesque in book form, HERE.

In addition to the shot of Paris Original above, I’m also still in love with this image of belly dance dynamo Fuchsia FoXXX:

"Bang" Electric Burlesque (By Greg Holloway)

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