Sinner Saint history and getting Ready for Rapture with Evilyn Sin Claire.

Desert Wild Child: Evilyn Sin Claire (Photo credit pending)

Sinner Saint Burlesque’s Wild Child, Evilyn Sin Claire, has always been a fearless woman of enchanting talents and brassy ambitions. Back in 2006, the founding members of Seattle’s Sinner Saint- including Evilyn- were performing or working with the popular Burning Hearts Burlesque show, The Bedroom Club. The Fenix Underground announced it was to close after a year of producing very successful shows, leaving many of the cast inspired to try something new. Evilyn Sin Claire, Sydni Deveraux, Ravenna Black, Inga Ingénue, and Georgia Miles asked then host Dane Ballard and stage manager Ophelia Derrière to produce a brand new show. Dane found a perfect location at gritty downtown bar Noc Noc, and the new troupe-in-the-making added performers Phoebe Applebottom, Shanghai Pearl, Belle Cozette, Valerie Vales, Ember Divine and intern Juicy La Bella. Audrey McManus took over producing in fall 2009, and eventually hostess-with-the-mostest Nicole Lucas was added. Though the troupe’s core cast and production team have changed since the early days, Evilyn Sin Claire has stayed with the troupe due in large part to the discipline and constant challenges that a successful weekly show offers. Sinner Saint Burlesque has performed from Vancouver to London, and can be found every Thursday at Noc Noc with the current cast of Jesse Belle-Jones, Polly Wood, Lady TaTas, Doña Dei Cuori, and of course, Evilyn Sin Claire.

This week is a busy one for Evilyn. In addition to her weekly belly dance classes, Sinner Saint launches an Advanced Burlesque Clinic at Visionary Dance August 3. The unique six week clinic will spotlight development, work-shopping, and troupe dynamics for students interested in learning about being a part of a professional troupe. Get the skinny on the classes HERE.

Then on Friday August 5, Evilyn can be found producing Ready For Rapture: The Second Coming of the Second Coming, a show linked to another cause dear to her heart- Burning Man. “I’m producing Rapture for the Burning Man camp and arts collective to which I’ve belonged for a number of years, K.A.O.S.,” says Evilyn. “Jenny Penny and Sydni Deveraux are also family. Originally made up of mostly fire performers, today K.A.O.S is made up of other circus arts live performers as well as metal workers, visual artists, DJs, and party catalysts. We do live shows and produce parties and are responsible for the vehicular leviathan, The Kackle- a giant drivable angler fish that was seen around Capitol Hill last winter.”

The Kackle in Black Rock City 2010 (Photo by Brian Mars)

Evilyn’s number, chosen specifically for this show, involves her personal squeamishness with the end of the Mayan calendar. “Most of the performers are burners, which is an event that encourages and requires ‘radical self-reliance’. Both this theme and the severe physical conditions of the Burning Man event make for great crossover with anything post-apocalyptic.”

Here’s the show’s press info:

Ready For Rapture: The Second Coming Comes Again!

It’s the end of times. The future is here. Aquarius has dawned, the calendar’s run out. Love it or leave it, humanity will repent! What’s next for this blasted world? K.A.O.S. Arts Collective has invited some of Seattle’s most damned and daring burlesque, circus and cabaret performers to bring warnings and wonderment of what is to come. Hosted by a wizard to tell us of the future, Ready For Rapture is a cabaret party for the end of the world as we know it.

The ground will shake and the heavens will part as ULTRA, Inga Ingenue, The Harlequin Hipsters, Evilyn Sin Claire, Randi Rascal, Polly Wood, Lady Tatas, Whisky Bliss, Jenny Penny, and for a special one night engagement, out of the ether, ULTRA, give the true believers a reason to jump ship through strip tease, dance and all kinds of weird shit! Post apocalyptic attire encouraged! End of time drink specials! Let the wizard tell your future! Circus contests! Get slapped by a K.A.O.S. hottie and like it!

Early Show: Doors 7:30pm, Show 8pm, 21+
Advance tickets HERE

All proceeds for this show will go towards the repair of K.A.O.S. art car “The Kackle”, the rusty fish van you may have seen parked around Capitol Hill, as well as the building of a Grand Wizard Bar under the Eye Of Sauron at the 2011 Burning Man Festival, “Rights Of Passage”.

Ready for Rapture's web flyer

Jenny Penny (Photo by Greg Holloway)

Whisky Bliss (Photo by Earica Brown)

Inga Ingenue (Photo by Elsa Sjunneson)

ULTRA (Photo credit pending)

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  1. I am borrowing the shot of Kackle for Wallyhood. Please shout if that’s not cool:

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