Share your BHOF love; also meet the bad girls of The Detroit Cobras.

Rachel and Mary of The Detroit Cobras

This week BSP will feature a review of the latest Castaways double feature at Can Can Cabaret, as well as some juicy firsthand accounts and images from BHOF 2011 (please feel free to contact us via if you have anything you’d like to share that you have permission to share)…

While we wait for those feathers to be preened and arranged, I thought I’d give a little attention to the undomesticated ladies who front the rollicking retro-garage combo The Detroit Cobras. Any burlesque fan worth their salt understands that music plays a huge role in the energy and feel of a burlesque number. The Detroit Cobras have energy in spades, and I’d love to see a number featuring one of their fiery tunes. Frontwoman Rachel Nagy (a former exotic dancer who looks a bit like a blonde Tura Satana) screams and shouts her way through innuendo-laden fifties and sixties covers and throwdowns such as “Leave My Kitten Alone” and “Shout Bama Lama”. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of a burlesque routine to Cobras original “Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)”. One can only hope.

For more on the Cobras, read my random preview HERE and check them out at Neumos in Seattle Tuesday, June 7 by clicking HERE.

~ by angrytruffle on 06/06/2011.

2 Responses to “Share your BHOF love; also meet the bad girls of The Detroit Cobras.”

  1. 01676669733 very hot girl

  2. Thank goodness some bloggers can write. Thanks for this piece

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