All the Boys and Girls: L’Edition Francaise in review.

La Danse! Le Burlesque! L’Edition Francaise wrapped up three unique and exhilarating evenings at The Triple Door last night. Having seen the show’s debut last year, it was a treat to sit back and anticipate what was coming this time around with just a few minor casting tweaks and the show settled into confident perfection. “Coquette” marks esteemed choreographer Olivier Wevers’ first flirtation with burlesque, and his direction of Kylie Shea and Ty Alexander Cheng in a female/male carnal gender role reversal was a jaw-dropper for cheeky suggestiveness, bold and sublimely physical movement, and a bizarre crescendo of caterwauling felines. The audience was in stitches and enthralled; Kyle Shea and Ty Alexander Cheng were nothing short of mind-blowing. Wevers mentioned to me after the show that future collaborations with producer and performer Lily Verlaine are very possible. One can only hope- the pairing would be unstoppable.

Kitten LaRue’s trademark over-the-top femininity was given full rein in “Les Filles yé-yé”. From mini-skirted yé-yé girls to lazy bathing beauties casually batting at an oversize ball while two doting, beaming boys made ambient waves behind them, each piece of Kitten’s portion of L’Edition Francaise captured the deliberately innocent- but overtly seductive- nature of French female pop stars in the sixties. In “7 in the Morning”, Kitten wakes in a giant bed, dances in pajamas and pigtails, clutches pop records to her bare chest, and ultimately finds herself too exhausted to choose between a red or blue blouse, collapsing back into bed. Ruby Mimosa’s “Baby Shark”- complete with fin and bright blue bow- was adorable; Indigo Blue brought a bit of dirty bump and grind to the proceedings with “Nitty Gritty”. It’s easy to see why she’ll compete for Reigning Queen of Burlesque next weekend at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Nobody grinds like Miss Indigo Blue.

Lily Verlaine’s interpretation of Serge Gainsbourg’s “Histoire de Melody Nelson” captured a young girl’s physical coming of age and tragic end in a stylish, sophisticated, and unflinchingly sexual way. Lily is never one to shy away from art that takes the viewer a bit outside the lines. Her exploration of female sexuality is never concealed or hinted, but lingers- allowing her audience to luxuriate and actually look without shame.

Trojan Original & Lily Verlaine (Photo Chris Blakeley, 2010)

And lest you forget…there are now just 6 days left to help Lily’s Stargazer campaign- she’s almost reached her goal but isn’t quite there yet. See Lily and designer Danial Webster’s video and patronize this work of art in process by clicking HERE.


In other news, if you are not part of next week’s mass exodus to the Burlesque Hall of Fame where the film Tournée will be screened, do not despair. It’s actually being screened as part of the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival. The film, directed by and starring Mathieu Amalric, features burlesque luminaries Julie Atlas Muz, Mimi Le Meaux, Dirty Martini, and Kitten on the Keys, who is scheduled to attend the June 9 and June 11 showings. Get tickets HERE and watch the trailer below:

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