L’Edition Francaise: May 26-28 @ The Triple Door

Beach Girls: Lily Verlaine and Kitten LaRue (Photo Chris Blakeley)

It’s hard to articulate the manys reasons I’m head over heels for La Danse! Le Burlesque! L’Edition Francaise. I love it so much I’m feeling squirmy inside and can only resort to begging and pleading with everyone I know to do one thing: GO. This show will widen your view of what unique results occur when burlesque and dance collide with inspiration, fearlessness, and three visionary choreographers.

Lily Verlaine, Olivier Wevers, and Kitten LaRue choregraphed three individual performance suites tied together by French music and nostalgic pop culture- and of course, burlesque. It’s smoldering, playful and full of surprises:

Lily Verlaine and Scott Bartell (Photo Chris Blakeley)

Kylie Shea perched atop Paris Original (Photo Chris Blakeley)

Miss Indigo Blue (Photo Chris Blakeley)

L’Edition Francaise features an all star cast: Miss Indigo Blue, Kitten LaRue, Lily Verlaine, Bunny Monroe, The Luminious Pariah, Paris Original, Changra La-La, Trojan Original, Stella Saintclair, Inga Ingenue, Sassy DeLure and Scott Bartell (both of whom are flying in just for these performances). The three nights of shows also feature the formidable talents of Kylie Lewallen and Ty Cheng of Spectrum Dance Theater.

I’ll say it once more: get tickets HERE;
See the events’s beautiful website HERE;
And see Chris Blakeley’s flickr set HERE.

~ by angrytruffle on 05/25/2011.

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