Sinner Saint Goes to Vancouver, Randi Rascal Makes a “Training” Video…

Sinner Saint Burlesque, under the direction of my personal hero Evilyn Sin Claire, is presenting an entire program at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival this weekend. Only six producer submissions were accepted this year, of which Sinner Saint’s Forces of Nature is one. With Evilyn’s help and the troupe’s support, the show has metamorphosed a little since its Seattle run- those of you in Vancouver can see the revamped production Friday evening at 9:30pm.

Evilyn and co-conspirator Belle Cozette will also perform “The Porcelain Promenade” in the Saturday night showcase, and will appear (briefly and violently) in Heidi Von Haught and Randi Rascal’s “Period Piece” at the cast party Sunday, hosted by Scotty the Blue Bunny. For more on the Vancouver Burlesque Fest, click HERE.

Speaking of Randi Rascal, Burlesque Seattle Press is beyond excited that she’ll be competing in this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame “Best Debut” category. When asked how she felt about being invited to compete this year, Randi had this to say:

I was completely blown away and honored to have been invited to perform in the “Best Debut” competition. It’s absolutely the best institutional compliment that can be paid to a novice clown stripper! Although I’m usually a very competitive person, the phrase “it’s an honor just to be nominated” doesn’t even go far enough in expressing the humble, fun, and lighthearted attitude I’ve been experiencing about the competition. I just can’t wait to share my work with the community and be inspired by theirs. We’re going to have a magnificent time!

On a much less serious note, check out this hilarious “Training Montage” video put together by Randi and a few of her Seattle burlesque friends:

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One Response to “Sinner Saint Goes to Vancouver, Randi Rascal Makes a “Training” Video…”

  1. I want to marry this video. And Randi Rascal.

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