POC Photo & Beebo Brinker: Perfection in Pulp

Beebo Brinker Pulp Cabaret Poster (photo by POC)

POC Photo has teamed up with the producers of The Beebo Brinker Pulp Cabarets for a series of images promoting the upcoming run of performances at Rebar and Central Heating Lab @ ACT Theatre. The Beebo Brinker Chronicles are based on the iconic lesbian pulp novels of Ann Bannon, campy classics which hinted at deeper gender and identity issues during a time when most women’s novels were written by men. The performances and a series of themed cabarets will feature bizarre film clips of 1950s gender messaging and immerse audiences in narratives set in an erotic Greenwich Village rife with pin-ups, intelligent burlesque, and an interactive cast.

Adapted by Kate Moira Ryan and Linda S. Chapman and directed by Katjana Vadeboncoeur (aka burlesque performer Cherry Manhattan), Beebo Brinker will feature Sinner Saint Burlesque’s Polly Wood, belly dance burlesque queen Fuchsia FoXXX, and Lyla le Coeur (Seattle’s Miss Royal Sea Urchin 2010) among others. Act submissions are still being accepted; more information can be found HERE.

POC Photo used his keen eye for pulp images for the Beebo photo shoot:

Cherry Manhattan, part of the Beebo Brinker shoot by POC Photo

Diva La Déviant, part of the Beebo Brinker shoot by POC Photo

Lyla le Coeur, part of the Beebo Brinker shoot by POC Photo

POC is also currently working on a new series of 12 pulp cover images, from which he’s generously shared these outtakes of his first two models, Bitsy Rini and Charlotte Treuse. (In case you haven’t heard, the lovely Charlotte has been selected to compete at Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011 this June).

Seattle burlesque performer Bitsy Rini (POC Photo's Pulp series)

Portland's Charlotte Treuse (POC Photo's Pulp series)

Another image from his recent studio work is this stunning photo of POC’s friend Annalee, included here as a special favor from POC just because I love this image so much:

Bonus Pic: a smokin' pin-up of Annalee (by POC Photo)

For more information on POC’s illustrious photographic career, please check out POC Photo on the sidebar, at right.

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