I see London, I see France…

The incredibly long & lovely Violet Tendencies

The big event news this week in Seattle is Stripped Screw’s revisiting of their Love:Sick show, kicking off Friday and running for the next two weekends at the Jewelbox. According to Randi Rascal, last year’s production was more focused on the “love” due to the show’s proximity to Valentine’s Day; this year the ladies contemplate a little more of the “sick” side effects. The flyer itself resembles a naughty game of Operation…

Get tix HERE

Bad, bad girl: Randi Rascal

Love:Sick- like a racier "Operation"


Meanwhile, Sinner Saint and their photographic paramour Greg Holloway have been cavorting in London, absolutely rocking a residency at The Brickhouse from March 8-19. When I spoke with burlesque star Miss Astrid a few months ago, she told me that neo-burlesque’s rise is remarkably heated in the UK and Europe these days- and that it reminded her of the subversive early days of neo-burlesque circa the legendary Velvet Hammer shows. Sinner Saint, by all accounts, is doing Seattle burlesque proud in London.

While the ladies are away, Friends With Benefits holds court at Noc Noc (Thursday night Heidi Von Haught will guest star). While you fantasize about Sinner Saint’s return (new run Pop Culture launches April 7) check out the London-based press our fancy ladies have generated:



And more in the HACKNEY GAZETTE

And best of all, THE BRICKHOUSE site, which features this teaser, as well as Greg’s photos.

Sinner Saint Burlesque Teaser! from Laura Rose Flynn on Vimeo.

Doña Dei Cuori (Photo Greg Holloway)

Sinner Saint & Greg Holloway's burlesque photo exhibit hit the UK press.

More London press

and more

and more! (photo Greg Holloway)

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