Burlesque and DeVotchKa

Burlesque and DeVotchKa go way back- some of you might recall the band’s mention in the 2004 book Burlesque and the New Bump-n-Grind by Michelle Baldwin. DeVotchKa (which translates to “girl” in Russian) has toured with multiple burlesque & variety shows, including several headlined by Dita Von Teese. (They were also made famous by their contributions to the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, but that’s another story).

The band’s fiery, passionate music is perfect for aerial & stripping. When asked about being a backing band for burlesque in a 2008 interview, singer Nick Urata stated “What more can I say, it’s like a musician’s dream to play for a girl to take off her clothes.”

Here’s an amazing photo of a past show with aerial by Denver photographer Michael Calanan- I highly recommend his website HERE, it’s packed with lovely photos, and quite a few more of DeVotchKa’s aerialists.

Majestic indeed. (Photo by Michael Calanan)

Far inferior by comparison, here’s a few blurry cell photos of the aerial and dancers from last weekend’s DeVotchKa show at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre:

An aerialist with DeVotchKa in Seattle last weekend.

A backlit dancer at DeVotchKa

~ by angrytruffle on 03/13/2011.

One Response to “Burlesque and DeVotchKa”

  1. Gasp! I LOVE DeVotchKa! Awesome write-up, Jess!

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