The pains of being pure at heart.

Century High (Photo by Stephen Rusk)

When people who are clearly no longer in high school play the parts of people in high school, the results often present a challenge in classification. Sometimes the finished product is ridiculous (The Lonely Lady, Footloose, Dirty Dancing), sometimes beautiful (Romy and Michelle, Pretty In Pink, Dirty Dancing), and sometimes hilarious and campy (Grease, and um…Dirty Dancing).

Century High– featuring Seattle burlesque/cabaret regulars Ben DeLaCreme, Inga Ingenue, Ruby Mimosa, Waxie Moon, and Cherdonna & Lou- is billed as “a high-spirited camp comedy in the tradition of all dance movies ever”. Every member of the cast comes from a solid dance background, and every one of them is a full-fledged adult.

Here’s a synopsis, with photos:

Baby’s family has just moved to the small town of Oddfellow, a place where traditional values are held in high esteem and there is a ban on the one act that threatens to crumble them- dance! Century High is full of well-mannered students just trying to make the grade, but a few rebelious no-goodniks who refuse to stand still to the beat of everyone else’s drum have formed a rough and tumble dance gang -and they ain’t listenin’ to nobody, nohow! Being the new girl in school is always hard, but when Baby falls for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, she must choose between her conservative upbringing and giving in to her own primal urges – to Lindy Hop, Salsa and Bachata the night away!

Century High runs through February 12. Get tickets HERE.

Inga Ingenue, as you've never seen her before

The picture of sweet: Ben DeLaCreme in Century High

Lou Henry Hoover in Century High


Speaking of school days… some of you may recall Sinner Saint’s Private Parts “Salon of Shame” style fundraiser last spring. Troupe regulars Evilyn Sin Claire and Polly Wood read from their real-life childhood journals, revealed pictures, drawings, and angst-y poems; producer Audrey McManus read letters to a schoolgirl crush. It was a truly memorable show and based on its success, the ladies of Sinner Saint are raising funds to perform a two week run of shows in London this March, only this time they’ll be doing kamikaze burlesque set to the readings.

Here’s what brings Sinner Saint to London, and how you can bring shame on yourself during Very Special Feelings:

Electric Burlesque is an exhibition of Greg Holloway’s photographs from live burlesque performances in Seattle. The stylized images are printed directly onto acrylic and crafted by hand into light boxes. This technique creates a three-dimensional effect giving the images up to three different appearances. The exhibition will be at The Sole Repair shop on Capitol Hill Feb 16-17; then moves to London in March accompanied by Sinner Saint Burlesque, who will perform a two week run in conjunction with the exhibition at London’s Brick House.

The ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque will tantalize beloved friends and fans with kamikaze style improvised burlesque to shared selections! We’ll be moved by the moment…these will be acts NEVER done before and that will NEVER be done again…We’ll be acting out our childhood wisdom. That’s right; a mash up of Salon of Shame style readings, improvised interpretive dance, and…stripping! All at once! Want to join in the fun? Bring your own old poignant or embarrassing journals and join us for what’s bound to be a revealing evening! To add to the excitement, the evening will also feature a live auction of donated goods from artists and businesses around town, as well as crafted by our own SSB beauties.

Very Special Feelings: Friday February 4, Doors 7pm, Show 7:30pm

The Rebar: 1114 Howell Street Seattle, WA 98101
Advance Tickets: $15, $20 VIP table tickets
Advanced tickets at the Sinner Saint Burlesque Revue on Thursdays at Noc Noc (or through a performer)
Day Of: $20, $25 VIP tables

Evilyn Sin Claire reads about being grateful for help even as a hatchling. (Photo Greg Holloway)

Polly Wood revealed her girlhood fantasy of becoming an Egyptologist- blueprints and all. (Photo Greg Holloway)

***More details and a flyer to come- confirmed guest readers so far include Belle Cozette, Heidi Von Haught, and Kitty Baby. Who wouldn’t want to know what they dreamed about when they were just schoolgirls? -J.Price

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