Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender Burlesque Finalists Announced

Victoria Vengeance presents the VLV Burlesque Showcase 2011

The annual Viva Las Vegas Weekender takes place April 21-24 2011 in Vegas. Though it hinges on a sprawling pre-1963 only car show, the Friday night VLV Burlesque Showcase (produced by Victoria Vengeance) has become a major attraction- this year expanding to three shows featuring Michelle L’amour, Mimi le Meaux, Catherine D’Lish, and the crown jewel of emcees, Miss Astrid (who incidentally, hosts the Gypsy Centennial in Seattle this weekend).

Aside from the annual showcase, there’s a Saturday night VLV Burlesque Competition as well. A mysterious panel of judges have announced four of the eight competitors, two of them from here in the Northwest:

Inga Ingénue (Seattle)
Charlotte Treuse (Portland)
Coco Lectric (Austin)
Ms. Redd (Las Vegas)

The remaining “to be determined” contestants will be featured on the VLV website during the month of January, where the public can vote for their favorites to round out the competition. Cast your vote (and then confirm it from your email box) by clicking HERE.

Inga Ingenue (Photo by Debora Spencer)

Charlotte Treuse performing @ New Orleans Burlesque Festival (POC Photo)

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3 Responses to “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender Burlesque Finalists Announced”

  1. Looking forward to this event. I’ll be performing in the showcase as well, I’m excited to debut my new exotica number. This will be my first VLV weekend. Good luck to all the contestants! xo Roxi DLite

  2. I love your blog!

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