The incomparable Jasper McCann.

Jasper McCann

Part two of my ode to Seattle’s best hosts continues in today’s Burlesque Box (see also my BSP interview with Nicole Lucas, below). Jasper McCann- host of The Atomic Bombshells and one half of the production team Lily Verlaine & Jasper McCann Present- is one of my favorites. Burlesque draws a socially lubricated crowd in pursuit of one thing- T&A. Attention spans are tenuous when skin is involved; a lesson more MC’s should take to heart. Jasper is a consummate host, entertaining and quick-witted despite unpredictable audience interaction. He relies on few stock jokes, preferring instead to make performers as fantastical as possible and letting the audience draw their own conclusion- invariably a filthy one. Inference becomes the punch line. In framing an act, Jasper moves the show forward but plays a convincing spectator.

This year, the incomparable Jasper McCann celebrates five years hosting and co-producing Land of The Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker. Catch him now through December 24, where he’ll be right at home on The Triple Door’s stage.

Jasper with Stella Rose in 'Lost In Space'

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