Piece on Earth

Clothes were shed: Randi Rascal In A Box

Stripped Screw’s Piece On Earth was a holiday show with teeth (literally). The ladies are at their best when they’re irreverent and devious, pushing the comedic envelope just a tiny bit farther than most. Violet Tendencies could be a burlesque Lily Tomlin or a leading lady in a John Waters film- her face can go from housewife on the verge to lascivious vixen in seconds. Wiggy Stardust’s deadpan serves her well, whether as the Virgin Mary or A Christmas Story‘s Leg Lamp come to life in an erotic flashlight fantasy. But the troupe can do sweetness equally well- Randi Rascal used Devotchka’s “How It Ends” to maximum effect as a melting snowflake.

Stripped Screw debuted at The Jewel Box just over a year ago, and they’re already selling out and extending shows into multiple nights. With good reason- Piece on Earth was as clever as last spring’s What To Wear to the Apocalypse, only with mistletoe.

The leg lamp comes alive.

Leg lamp flashlight fantasy: Wiggy Stardust

Check out the rest of Chris Blakely’s Piece On Earth photo set HERE

~ by angrytruffle on 12/12/2010.

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