Ten Years of Rockabilly & Burlesque

Two great tastes that taste great together.

When rockabilly and burlesque collide, mutually weird and wonderful chemistry ignites. Tonight Evilyn Sin Claire and The Shanghai Pearl-two of my all-time favorite Seattle burlesque performers- moonlight with LuLu Bell at Hwy 99 Blues Club for Westerngents 10th Annual Rockabilly Burlesque Show. A ten year love affair deserves to be celebrated.

This month you can also catch The Shanghai Pearl guesting at HOMO for the Holidays, and Evilyn performs weekly in The Sacred and The Profane with Sinner Saint Burlesque. The troupe has been invited to perform in London in coordination with photographer Greg Holloway’s upcoming exhibition, Electric Burlesque. To help with funding, they’ve released a calendar (available at shows or by contacting Sinner Saint) featuring a dozen live photos taken by Holloway with commentary from the performers. I bought one at Sacred’s opening night, and it’s beautiful. I think I can even hang it up at work, if I move it to the side a little…

~ by angrytruffle on 12/03/2010.

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