Let’s launch over it: the holiday throwdown begins.

Ben DeLaCreme’s third annual “seasonal spectacle” HOMO for the Holidays is in full swing now through December 24 at West Hall. The show is a chosen family-style mix of the traditional and non-traditional- think ramped up Lady Gaga medleys as Xmas carols and well-researched (via Wikipedia) songs about the Maccabees serving up a “pain buffet”. DeLaCreme’s seasonal twist on current hits is bizarre and fascinating; she makes an endearingly shrill and Madonna-like Jacob Marley as well. Cherdonna & Lou, Paris Original and Ilvis Strauss (as Jesus) guest star. Ever wanted to see bellydancer Fuchsia FoXXX roleplay an extremely flexible sugar cookie while being smeared with frosting? Who wouldn’t? Get tix HERE and watch the trailer here:

HOMO for the Holidays poster

In other burlesque and cabaret holiday features this week:

The Jack & Wood Show launches a misfit toy inspired seasonal tradition with RUDOLPH! at the Jewelbox, Monday November 29. TIX HERE

Sinner Saint Burlesque kicks off The Sacred and the Profane at Noc Noc December 2 through January 6.

O holy night indeed

Stripped Screw rolls out Piece on Earth December 3-11, also at the Jewelbox.

Piece On Earth poster

Speaking of Stripped Screw, this week’s random bonus pics come from last week’s Dr. Sketchy’s, which featured Roxie Moxie as model and muse. Here’s the lady herself, and some sketches from that night:

Roxie Moxie, the real deal: photo by Fiona Minx

A piece of Roxie: sketch by 2nd place winner Randy Phillips

More Roxie, sketches by Joanna Price

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  1. Hello There! I have some interesting local burlesque trivia I would like to share with you as well as info on a fundraiser I am producing. I am unable to find contact information for you so forgive me for putting this in your comments section. Hope to hear from you!
    Miss Kitty Baby

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