Three cheers for HUMP!’s winners…

One of the things I enjoyed so much about HUMP! 2010 was the gentle and somewhat (ok, mostly) obvious reminder that underneath clothes, out of closets, behind closed doors, or safe in anonymity- everyone is still pretty much the same. Bodies differ slightly, proclivities vary- but really, not that much. Everyone loves doing things with each other, to each other, and for each other. What a lovely state of affairs. The films were hot, heavy, and full of heart.

Apparently the winners were posted on Friday, and I was pleased to see that ALL of my personal favorites won. Three cheers to all of you clever, clever filmmakers!

Best In Show went to Hi, I’m Pon; the filmmakers have been tickled pink about their win and very graciously sent Burlesque Seattle Press a beautiful raw photo to post:

Photo kindly supplied by and permitted to post by the makers of Hi, I'm Pon

~ by angrytruffle on 11/23/2010.

One Response to “Three cheers for HUMP!’s winners…”

  1. […] about last year’s HUMP! on Burlesque Seattle Press by clicking HERE. Coco & Randy for HUMP! on this week's Stranger cover (photo Jake Clifford, styling Kelly […]

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