HUMP! springs eternal

HUMP! 2010 image from The Stranger's submission page

HUMP! 2010 sold out all fifteen showings in Seattle this weekend, proving yet again that we love our homegrown amateur porn. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as I’ve missed it every year- this time I marked my calendar and made sure all bases were covered with tickets. In a brief intro, Dan Savage warned against cell phone use or recordings of any kind (allowing the filmmakers to “be porn stars for the weekend—not for life”) and gently reminded viewers to be kind to all bodies and orientations. And so began 24 short films- no more than five minutes each in length- at On The Boards in Queen Anne. Watching porn in a packed house with “normal” people at an afternoon showing wasn’t nearly as awkward as expected. It felt downright cozy.

The Stranger’s submission guidelines had minimal restrictions, and the filmmakers rose (literally- ha, ha) to the occasion for prizes in four categories, to be determined by audience ballot.

I won’t give away any film details, but I had a sweet spot for:

Hi I’m Pon (emotional/hot/funny-bitter)
Sink (hot/funny-creative)
The Nun and the Bum (hot/funny-sacrilegious)
Ad Man (hot/funny-classy)
Twincest (needlepoint)

The film festival lands in Portland next weekend, with tickets still available for two midnight shows at Cinema 21.

DO SOMETHING DIRTY and go vote for your favorites.

~ by angrytruffle on 11/06/2010.

8 Responses to “HUMP! springs eternal”

  1. Intriguing post! can’t wait to hear more about it.

  2. Needlepoint? whaaaaa? I’m so confused!

  3. Does anyone know the music that was played during Hi I’m Pon? I liked it a lot, thanks!

    • If I remember correctly, it was The XX.

    • im in seattle and watched Hump too. i totally noticed the soundtrack for Pon too and have been looking for that band too.

      The soundtrack combined with the lingering still photos was incredible.

      did Pon use The XX for both songs in the movie? The first song was VCR by The XX

      Was the second song also by The XX?

      • ya know, I feel like just about the whole thing was The XX, but your comment makes me wonder if maybe I just got so caught up in the overall dreaminess that maybe I’m wrong. I hope it gets Best in Show. It got my vote.

  4. Yes both songs were the XX. The first song was VCR, the second song was Intro.

    However, “Intro” was too short. So I did a trick, and made it play backwards, tail-to-tail. When the video scans up pon standing in the shower, the song actually starts to play backwards. That’s why it sounds so evil when she starts to fuck.

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